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XP: Catholic Ceremony - music

So for our Catholic ceremony, I was planning on bringing in a CD to play for the processional/recessional. (I found an instrumental version of "Marry Me" by Train that I loved and wanted to use instead of "traditional" / classic wedding music.) My church was going to allow this w/o issue, but their sound system just recently broke and they will not be replacing it any time soon.

As a result, I would have to bring in my own sound system (which I don't have) or find someone else who has one that I can borrow/rent. As I have enough on my plate for the next 18 days before the wedding (and renting/buying a sound system is not in my budget), I've decided to just have the organist play traditional music instead. I'm meeting with her tomorrow night to pick out music, and of course, am completely unprepared as this was not part of the plan up until this weekend.

I've been searching online and have found lists of music, and while I've had the chance to listen to a handful of songs, I'm already getting overwhlemed with the choices.

Any suggestions on the most popular songs used or personal favorites for music to use for processional and recessional for a Catholic ceremony? (music that she will likely be familiar with and has probably played before) She is experienced and will have her own suggestions, but I wanted to go in there without feeling/sounding like a completely clueless idiot... haha. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: XP: Catholic Ceremony - music

  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring - J.S. Bach
    Hornpipe from Water Music - G.F. Handel
    La Rejouissance from Music for the Royal Fireworks - G.F. Handel
    Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 - J..S. Bach (note: this is more commonly - if incorrectly - known as Air on the G String)
    Canon in D - Pachelbel
    Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod or Schubert (2 different versions)
    Trumpet Tune - Purcell
    Trumpet Voluntary - Jeremiah Clarke
    Rondeau - Moret

    Hope that gives you a place to start.  Good luck!
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  • Attendants: "Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring"  Bach
    Processional: Hymne Vangelis
    Psalm #40 "Here I Am"
    Gospel Acclamation: Celtic Alleluia
    Unity Candle (if you are having one) 'I Have Loved You" Red Gather (GIA) hymnal #504
    Adoration of the Blessed Mother: "Ave Maria" Schubert or 'Hail Mary Gentle Woman"
    Recessional: Trumpet Voluntary  Clarke

    You will need a Cantor for some of this or Organist has to have a nice voice
  • Ariso by Bach is beautiful and completely instrumental so there should be no issue with playing it in a church

    When God Made You is beautiful both with the lyrics or without. It would be a great song for someone to sing during the procession or interlude.

    Hope this helps!!

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