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How many showers are too many?

I have a lot of women in my life who are all gracious enough to offer to host bridal showers for me. I'm so excited and feel extremely loved. However, how many bridal showers are too many? I know there may not be a set #, but if I were to accept all offers (even with women doubling up as co-hosts) I could have 6. I don't want to seem like a greedy bride who is having tons of showers & getting tons of gifts. I also plan on inviting my bridal party to all of the pre-wedding parties, but don't want them to feel like they have to attend each and every one. How many showers did you have? And is 6 simply too many?

Re: How many showers are too many?

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    It depends on your situation. The important thing to remember is that the guest lists shouldn't overlap. The Moms, sisters and bms should receive invitations to all showers, so they may decide which, if any, they would like to attend. The other guests should only be invited to one shower. But I think six is too many. How would you even work in that many in the few months prior to your wedding? But it's nice to know so many people want to do that for you : )
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    This started to happen to me. I graciously declined all the showers, as I would've had about 6 as well.

    Usually, once you accept the offer for one shower, you really should consider accepting them all (feelings can get hurt if it looks like you're choosing one side over the other).

  • 6 seems like a lot to me. You will be busy planning a wedding. You will have to get different outfits for each party. And then deal with who to invite to each one. It seems like more stress in the end. Maybe talk about having two or three big combined parties. Or maybe  a party is not necessary but may be do some sort of lunch.
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