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FMIL at bachelorette party?

I have a question as to whether or not future in laws are customarily invited to bachelor/bachelorette parties. My sister has offered to host my bachelorette party and asked for my input as to what I wanted to do. We quickly decided on camping. I happened to mention last night to my FI that my sister has asked for my list of people to start contacting and I know that my FI's bestman has also started to inquire about his list. My FI stated that he was going to invite both of our fathers and his grandfather (FI is golfing for his party). My mother lives out of the country so she is obviously not coming. Do I extend invitations to my FMIL and her mom (FI's grandmother)?

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Re: FMIL at bachelorette party?

  • There is no need for you to invite them, but since he is doing it for his party, you should.

    Since you are going to go camping, you can invite them, but tell them that you will understand if they cannot make it because of the type of activity you have chosen.

    You can also change what you will do, but it depends only on you.

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    It depends on how close you are with her and what you're doing, I think.  Initially, I would have said I wouldn't want my MIL with me at mine (I didn't actually meet her in person until our rehearsal dinner), but then on our wedding night, we did an after party thing and she was a blast. 
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    Thanks everyone for the replies. Yes, the only reason I was going to invite them was because he (FI) was extending his party invitations to my father as well. I'll go ahead and invite but obviously not be upset if they are not interested.
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