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New Hampshire

May in NH: Buggy?

Hello everyone!  I've just gotten engaged (this past weekend) and we're discussing a rustic wedding in NH.  One huge question I have is... BUGS?  We were at our potential site over the weekend and they were excavating and had clearly drawn out ALL the bugs from the forest on the land.  We are hoping that would totally subside without the excavation... but I was wondering about anyone else's experience in southern NH at a relatively elevated venue, mostly OUT of the trees (hence the excavation).  These were black flies, not biting yet. We're hoping for Memorial Day 2014.  Any thoughts or suggestions before we book it?

Re: May in NH: Buggy?

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    We are looking at a few farms iin southern NH.  Llyme Loch, Longlook, Cobble Hill.  Any suggestions? I am pretty sure we're going to narrow it down today.  One issue I have is that with a year of planning, I might tend towards over planning when we really want a simple wedding.  Did anyone else book a venue a year out and then just wait to plan it? I think I may need this route just to keep my sanity :)
  • Yeah, it's getting buggy in May. I'm from southern NH, flies don't tend to be that big of a problem. If you pick a venue that is elevated, maybe on a hill, or with some wind that helps keep bugs away. And also, don't pick a venue near a marsh or swamp or wetlands, that is pretty much where all the bugs come from. (Although a lot of areas of NH have wetlands)

    Also, Mosquito magnet is amazing, my parents have one and you can sit outside at their house in the evening no problem. See if you venue uses Mosquito Magnet, it's worth asking! It needs to be operating for a few weeks to really have an effect. 
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