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March 2014 Weddings


Hello everyone im a newbie to posting on here... Ive posted a couple on etiquette and have gotten some mixed advice : ... Anyway im a march bride 3/9/2014... Ive been engaged since 12/1/12 but havent gone on the boards much. Oh and my name is Danielle, but you can call me danni or elle fiancee likes elle picked my dress, picked our venue all inclusive bm dresses .colors, and the bm and gm...i should also say im a ft grad student and work ft... So much of the planning is being done in bunches between school breaks... Any advice for me as a newbie?

Re: newbie...

  • Welcome and congrats!
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    Hi! I have no advice for you as you have way more done then I do. Happy planning!
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  • welcome and congrats... happy planning :)
  • Hi!  Welcome! 

    My advice is to buy a big three-ring binder and some sheet protectors, and save/document everything you do.  This includes fabric swatches, menus, pictures, contracts, receipts, e-mails, addresses, maps, whatever.  It has really helped keep us organized and at one point we needed to have a pow-wow with the caterer.  At that time, our records of promises and deadlines came in really handy.  My other advice is to communicate as much as possible in writing, vs. on the phone - because once it's in writing it's more 'finalized,' and less up to interpretation.

    Another piece of advice is to work on your budget and really finalize and nitpick so you know in advance before you commit to things.  For example, we have even budgeted cocktail napkins, printed matches, sparklers, and favors so we know now if we can afford xyz because we've figured all that out in advance.  Our favor budget is $3.00 pp including children's favors.  Not a penny more.

    Wish you all the best doing full-time school, wedding planning, and full-time work!

  • joining the newbies. although event planning seems to come naturally. 2 Brides so two planners... lol. Gotta start with the venue. Ideally a place for an indoor candlelit ceremony and reception/dancing/food after. Intimate (< 60). Seattle/ Tacoma area. If I keep putting it out there it will show itself?

    Congrats to all who are planning and celebrating their love!!!

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