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Hi ladies.  Has anyone traveled to the Galapagos Islands?  Looking for recommendations and itineraries, I know there are a bunch of islands so I'm not sure which we should focus on.  Also, is there a time of the year that is better to go? Any advice would be great as we're just starting to research this!  TIA!

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  • We're planning a trip to the galapogos in early 2014, but I haven't been yet. Whenever I go somewhere new, I go through all the tripadvisor boards. From what I understand, crusing is your only option to see 90% of the islands, since they're protected and there are no permanent structures allowed. Here are some links to websites I've saved:
    Galapagos By Month

    How to Choose your Galapagos Cruise
    How to Choose a Trip
    Aida Maria Cruises

    The last one is for the cruise line we're thinking of using. Celebrity has some luxury cruises down there, but for us it would have ended up being well over $10k - the Aida Maria is smaller and certainly not a luxury trip, but I think it will end up being closer to $6k for us. Hope that helps!
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  • Thank you!  I'd prefer not to cruise but if that's the only option, I guess that's what we'll have to do.  I'm going to check out tripadvisor now :)  Thanks again!
  • The galapagos aren't like Hawaii, with hotels and such. Your only option is a cruise or private boat. You get to run around on the islands, but you don't get to overnight. They are also not tropical in the traditional honeymoon sense. No maitais on the beach. Its an awesome destination, but its not for everyone.
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  • Most people do go on a cruise around the Galapagos Islands, but you will also find a couple of hotels you can stay in which will arrange excursions for you to nearby islands etc. Finch Bay Hotel is worth a look. Hope this helps.
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