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I have a bridal party where 3/4 of the women all live out of town from where I and the wedding will take place.  I have had an engagement party so far where several of the out of towners traveled to attend. My concern is my bridal shower. I have already been told that most of the bridal party will not be in attendance. I have had some local close friends offer to throw a couple's shower which is more than generous. How can I combine the two and get everyone on the same page, without having the local friends feel like they now have to take control? I do not have family to host either.

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    You don't. You only get the showers that are offered to you. Your bridal party is under no obligations to host you a shower or even attend one.

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    You should stay out of the planning, unless asked for a guest list. The hosts determine the guest list and type of shower. This is one of those parties, where the bride and groom just show up and enjoy whatever is planned for them. 
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