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Veil or no Veil?

I'm having a gown that has a beautiful back detail. I've always wanted a veil but I'm worried that it would spoil the impact of the dress. I have considered a cage veil but I just don't know. What do you think? X

Re: Veil or no Veil?

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    Have you tried on a veil with your dress?  If not you definitely should.

    I think if you went with a single tiered veil fingertip length or longer it won't cover the back of your dress that much.  You will still be able to see it through the fabric.  Also, plan on taking the veil off after the ceremony so that the back of your dress can be seen during the reception.

  • If you decide on a veil and it doesnt show the impact of the dress you can always take the veil off during the reception. When you enter into the reception have the veil off and itll be like people are seeing a whole new dress
  • The back of your dress is absolutely beautiful. If you've always wanted a veil, this is no reason to skip having one! A cage veil is a great idea. Can you try some different veil styles on with your dress and see what you think? Maybe bring someone you trust with you to help you decide? 
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  • If you end up wanting to go with a veil, go with a fingertip length, single layer--the fabric will be thin enough that you can see through to the gorgeous back of your dress. And keep in mind you don't have to wear it for the reception, just the ceremony.

    You should go try one on though with your gown if possible. Maybe phone a friend to see if they have one you can just try out for a few minutes?
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    I am in the same boat! I tried a birdcage as well as regular veils and I can't decide if I want to wear one...
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    I really loved the back of my dress, so I had a very sheer, single-tier elbow-length veil. I wore it for my ceremony and some photos, then took it off.
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