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Mormon Wedding Dresses?

My younger sister is getting married next summer in a Mormon temple and needs to find a wedding dress.  She is currently attending BYU in Provo, UT, but since we live in Connecticut, she would like to shop for a dress out here, so that all of us girls can go shopping with her.

Does anyone know of any Mormon/modest bridal shops in Connecticut/NYC/Boston?  I'm pretty sure that Latter Day Brides used to have a brick-and-mortar location out here, but I can't find it now.

Help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Mormon Wedding Dresses?

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    I deleted the link to an observant Jewish bridal store in NY or NJ, but that would be another approach for your area. Observant Jewish women also require high necklines and sleeves past at least the elbows.
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    This is an international board so you may have better luck going onto the local area boards.  Also almost any dress can be altered so you want want to call local shops in the phone book and ask.
  • bonny bridals has a modest line its called bilss

    i am in ct as well and love the bonny unforgettble line which is her plus line 

    stars of avon carrys the bridesmade line but i was able to call them and they are able to get some of the gowns on loan from the designer for me to try on.

    ocasions in bethel also carrys the bonny line 
    joans bridal in bridgeport 
    and coppers dress shop in orange i would call them first to see what they carry from bonny have your sister look at some of the bliss styles see what she likes and have the store get them on loan from the designer..

    also bridal salon can take a dress and make it modest depending on the style  the impressions bridal line carrys modest 

  • venus bridal
    and bonny bridal have modest lines go on the website and put in zip code for where you are in ct and stores will pop up call each one and find out what they have in samples for those designers
    designers have a few different lines and each store may carry some or non you can ask the store to get styles on loan from the designer in a size or around the size your sister is to try on.. 

    stars of avon is working with me on the bonny bridal unforgettble as i am plus size and i want to hide my arms and bonny has some dresses with sleeves 
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