Western Hills (Oxford, Bethel, Norway, etc)

Hey all! First time posting so thought I'd give a bit of background info. :) We just became officially engaged today (5-11) although since we started dating we kinda knew we'd be married at some point. We're older, my second wedding, his first. He was engaged before, and she died 5 years ago. We now live with his daughter (pre-teen, and we get along amazingly well, she's my girl too!) and nephew. So.... we will be married next year, summertime is what we're thinking, and we need somewhere near the Bethel area to be married. We both love the outdoors, water, hunting, etc. HIs daughter chose camo for the accent at our wedding, which we both love. lol We are on a VERY tight budget, DIY for sure. We need: outdoor venue, extremely cheap (or free), can fit around 75-100 guests (tops, he's got a HUGE family), will let us do all the food, decorating, etc, allow a dog (although she's a service dog so should be allowed anywhere, but she'll be in the wedding too!), and close to Bethel (no more than an hour away.) We are kind of thinking something like a pavilion at a park, or a campground, or something like that, but have no idea where to even get started looking. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!  And thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself and your wedding! 

    Unfortunately, I'm not really familiar with the area you're looking in, so I don't have any suggestions.  This place hasn't been too busy lately, but hopefully someone pops in that is more familiar and has some suggestions for you!

    Good luck!
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  • Thanks for your reply! :) I guess now we don't have to worry much about venue, or anything it seems. lol We will be getting married THIS year instead of next as we are both in our late 30's and don't see a point of waiting a year and stressing out about invites. Decided on a simple BBQ wedding/reception and today were offered the use of a field by the river owned by a family member of his!!! So we've got the venue, for free, and will rent a tent. And it will all be about US, and how we want it. ;) So excited, and now to start doing other stuff!!!
  • There are plenty of picnic areas in Mount Washington State Park! I grew up going to the park and I remember many little places tucked here and there in the area. It may be worth calling the park to see what they offer and what prices.

    Also, here's a website that I found that has rec areas for the whole state of NH;
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