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I'm Marriedddddd.! Recap, Pics, All That. Lol

Hey Ladiessss.! I'm back as a Mrs.! Here's how my weekend went:

Wednesday: Daddy is a police officer. I'm on my way home and Ma calls me, saying I need you, your dad got hurt at work. WHAT.?? So what happened was, he pulled some guy over, ran his tags, and found out that the guy was wanted for attempted murder. So the guy gets out the car, and tells daddy and his partner that they gonna have to shoot him cause he not going anywhere. The guy starts running and daddy and his partner run after him. They tackled him and Daddy twisted his leg and tore three ligaments. Sitting in the hospital with a cast and crutches. I'm like Daddy are you gonna be okay on Friday.?? He said he'll be fine and not to worry. Okay. So I spent Wednesday night with him, my mom, and my man.

Thursday: So I woke up and took baby girl to school, and let my son hang out with me for the day. My niece also stayed at the house because I had to take her to get her hair done. She's 17, she wanted tracks cause she 'grown' lol. So we went and printed out the programs, menus, and I Spy cards. Went and got the candy for the favors, and bought the items for our cord of three strands ceremony. Baby girl had an allergist appt Thursday afternoon and it was so much on my mind that I forgot her referral papers at home, so the doctor couldn't see her. I call her primary care doctor and they say well we can't fax any paperwork, its against our policy. 'Well what if this was an emergency, where's the manager.??' They finally said they'd fax it, but they don't know what time. 'You know what, just forget it. We'll reschedule.' Later on was rehearsal. And it was AWFUL. I yelled three times and cried twice. Nobody was listening to me, they were asking my opinions and then going against it, everybody was trying to talk on top of each other, it was just bad. But we finally got everything together and finished. After rehearsal, I went to my mother in laws house and started the favor boxes, but ran out of candy. By the time we finished, it was almost midnight, and I had to go. Went to my mom's house and spent the night there cause the HUSBAND had our place.

Friday: Wedding Day.! Woke up at about 7am to go get my hair done. Took my niece and dropped her off so we could both get done at the same time. By about 9/930, my hair was finished and dry. I watched Scandal on my phone because I missed it the night before and by the time it was over, and I was done talking, it was close to 1130. And my niece STILL wasn't done. I was pissed. So I left her and went to pick up my mom and my maid of honor and we went to the nail salon. Everybody was calling me, the venue, the planner, bridesmaids, I was just overwhelmed. My niece got dropped off at the nail salon with us, and when I hung up the phone from telling her where I was, I dropped my dang phone in the pedicure water. OMGGGG. I swear it was only in there though for 2 seconds. It stopped working, I put it in front of fans, wrapped in towels, sat it in the sun. Nothing worked, so I finally said forget it. If anybody needed me, call my mom or my bridesmaids. We left the nail salon, and I dropped my mom and niece at home, and went to go buy my makeup. By the time I got back, all the bridesmaids were at the house getting ready. They got dressed and we left in two separate cars. I had to be at the venue at 6pm. We were 30mins late cause I had to turn around because we left the cord of three strands at home. I called and told them that I was turning around and they told me that he left the aisle runner at home. We were just forgetting everything. So I called one of my bridesmaids and she stopped to get a runner from Walmart. Everybody yelled at me like don't turn around just forget the three strands. NO. It's printed on my programs, we're gonna do it. Chill out. I got to the venue at 6:30. So I had 30mins to get dressed take pics, and put make-up on. I DID IT.

Ceremony and Reception: I wasn't nervous at all until me and Daddy were waiting to walk. I was supposed to walk on his left, but his crutch and leg so I walked on his right. My heart started beating so fast, but when they opened the doors, I couldn't do anything but smile. We did our own vows and it was so beautiful. He cried during his and made EVERYBODY cry. Lol. Even the pastor. Lol. Everything went perfect, and my man surprised me with red uplights in the reception room.! So happy.! The food was so good.! Especially the appetizers. I got my crab dip and it was GREAT. It was the perfect night and I'm sad that it went by so fast. My bustle got ripped out from people stepping on my dress so much so one of my friends and her mom took me to the bathroom and safety pinned it up. It worked. Our weekend at the harbor was great, but it went by entirely too fast. Lol.

I still can't believe I'm married.! Now it's countdown to our honeymoon.! Here's some guest pics. Waiting for the professionals.


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