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I live in a tiny town. I do have a few options in the surrounding towns for caterers, but not many. I am on a very restricted diet ...a "migraine diet" where I cannot have anything processed, no MSG (which is in almost EVERYTHING), and lots of other things that would take a yr to write. Basically, I need to find a caterer that can work with me. I know I will have to pay more because they will have to do everything from scratch, no adding things from cans or boxes with suspect ingredients for my wedding. I am always the outsider at family get togethers, work function, etc. I don't want to feel that way on my wedding. It's my wedding and I want to be able to eat everything that is served. I can have all the normal foods as long as they are prepared fresh....no cutting corners (due to MSG). I want find someone that can do this for me, yet give me a decent price. I'm an hr from Wetherford, Texas and about an hour and a half from Ft Worth.
Here's my questions:
1. If I found a ceterer in etiher of those places that fit my needs, would they be willing to dirve to me?
2. If so, any suggestions on caterers in those areas?

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  • Have you considered something like central market? Something like a whole foods?
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    I'm sure a lot of caterers in the metroplex would be willing to drive to you, they would probably just charge extra.

    Personally, we used TCP Catering in Watauga. I'm not sure if their normal menu contains any MSG or not, but they are family owned and operated, and the owner, Scott Vickers, is a really sweet guy. It would definitely be worth giving them a call, because if he is able to work with you, I know he would.
  • Thanks for the advice guys! Luckily I found a caterer 15 min from my hometown. I actually know the lady's daughter real well. They do everything from scratch for the most part and can alter the menue to fit whatever I need. We're going to do a mock meal soon to make sure it's exactly what I want and I will get to be there step by step to make sure no "migraine triggers" show up at any point in the process. It's going to be about $10 a person and we're going to do 70% brisket and 30% chicken breasts with 2 sides and tea. They also have their own linens and center peices we can rent if we want to and they bring a wait staff to clean up if you want to pay the extra money. I'm happy I can check "caterer" off my list. :)
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    Awesome! $10/pp is a great price.
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