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Tan Suits/Tuxes?

Hey ladies - 

I'm curious as to where you had your groomsmen rent their attire from. Originally, my FH was going to have custom suits designed and made, but he's finally understanding that some of our wedding party might not be to keen on paying a small fortune for a suit.

We definitely want a tan/khaki color, being on the beach in Brewster. Mens Wearhouse doesn't have tan suits or tuxes to rent. I've checked out Mr. Perry's Tux in Hyannis and they have one that I like, but it's going to be getting my FH on board. I'm hoping to find other options so I'm ready for his reluctancy.

Any experience with renting tan suits/tuxes? :)

Re: Tan Suits/Tuxes?

  • I had the same issue!  FI and party are renting from the tux shop inside Sposabella's.  They had three different tan options.  The one we liked the best was a lightweight linen suit and it is a very pale tan.  And it was the least expensive.  We didn't like the ties, we wanted something with more of a print, so we are going to provide our own.

    Good luck!
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  • We rented from Mr. Perry's in Hyannis. We did Black tuxes so that doesn't really help you regarding tan, but I just wanted to let you know we had a great experience with them. I had a large bridal party renting a tux for my husband, 7 groomsmen, and 2 fathers!
  • I would check Joseph A. Bank - there's one in Mashpee Commons and they have a lot of options, including several shades of tan.
  • I had the same issue for my May wedding. Couldn't find nice tan suits anywhere. Ended up going with light grey multi-stripe and love it!
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    We went with the Sposabella tux shop as well, but I will caution you, my husband's suit came in too small, despite them measuring him in June for our September wedding. They were super apologetic and they let the sleeves out as much as humanly possible, but the jacket was clearly too tight. The shirts are a very shiny fake fabric, I'd recommend having your own white/off-white cotton shirt instead. They really, really don't stay tucked in well. We had our own tie and I'd recommend that as well.

    ETA: Oh! And we got married on Crosby Beach in Brewster, and the tan color really was perfect.
  • We ended up having our groomsmen buy their suits. We searched everywhere for the perfect tan suit, and believe it or not, it was super hard to find. 

    We came across these at JC Penney: 

    They were on sale a year and a half ago when we got married... can't believe they still have them!

    But with everything, it came out to be way cheaper for them to purchase the suit than for them to rent something. They're beautiful suits too! They all looked very sharp in them.

  • For anyone having this same issues, we ended up going to Watsons in Orleans! They had several tan suits to rent and the people there are so so nice!!
    The suits are available to rent for the little guys too! 

    A lot of the guys don't live in the Cape area, so all they had to do was get measure somewhere else, have a fitting card filled out and sent to Watsons....easy-peasy! :)

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