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First Dance

So my fiance and I cannot decide on a first dance song. Our choices are "Powerful Love" by Chuck and Mac or "Strangers" by the Kinks. We love them both equally for different reasons and are at a standstill! Thoughts?

Re: First Dance

  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    You could have one as your first dance and the other as the last dance of the evening (but not a spotlight, the other guests would be dancing with you.)  Or, you could combine them by having the DJ play about 1.5 minutes of each, fading the first into the second.
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    I really like Powerful Love for a first dance.  Listening to Strangers, which I like too, it sounds more like a recessional to be played as the guests are leaving the ceremony.  I think because its more upbeat.  You could play that song after Powerful Love and invite the guests to join you.  Either one you choose is lovely, though!

    ETA: You could play Strangers during the cake cutting if you don't already have a song picked out for that moment.

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