Destination wedding venue locations: Yellowstone/Tetons?

I live in Florida and just got engaged.  We are trying to plan an Aug wedding and would love to do a destination wedding up by yellowstone/tetons.  Does anyone know any good venues that may not be in the national park? It is my fiance's favorite place in the world (he's been lucky enough to travel) and he love's it there!   I received an email from Jackson Lake Lodge and it is PRICEY; does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for your help :)

Re: Destination wedding venue locations: Yellowstone/Tetons?

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    Hi there. Welcome to the board! You might look into using some national forest land - there are places out here that have great views but are not in the national park. You could also check with some local ranches. Also, some people have found that Dornan's is more affordable and includes a lot of things you'd normally pay extra for. 

    Scroll down on the board and read some of GinaDog's recommendations, as she traveled out here and put all of her findings in a thread called "Jackson Venue Shopping." Good luck!
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    Yes!  I have a spreadsheet of all the affordable places in Jackson/Teton Village plus tons of PDFs and brochures if you are interested.  I visited the first 4 in person last month.

    Whats your budget?  How many guests?  Formal, or more causal?  Do you want views of the Tetons?

    In order of most affordable for 50 people (my guestimate):  I also have costs if you want.

    Dornans - Pavilion and Fire pad
    Teton Mountain Lodge - the Teton Room
    Snake River Lodge & Spa - the Apres Vous deck and room
    Wort Hotel - Jackson Room
    Teton Pines Country Club - The Pines room
    Jackson Golf and Tennis - Dining Terrace

    In Yellowstone, it's all a park so you're mercy to outrageous prices.

    Then there are some restaurants near/in Jackson that can have receptions in their private - semiprivate rooms for much less.
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    I am doing budget stuff tomorrow with the families; so I'm not quite sure yet. But I was thinking about 100; semi-formal/comfortable. I would love a view of the tetons since that is why we are heading out that way for the wedding.  If you do not mind sending me the PDF that would be wonderful!  my email is [email protected]; Thank you so much!
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    You've got some emails!
  • Hi! I am so glad to find this forum regarding Jackson Hole! I am wondering if I also could get some emails about pricing for Jackson?

    Thanks so much!
    Breck King

    [email protected]
  • Ginadog, Can you please send me some e-mails as well!? (  [email protected]  ) THANK YOU!!
    I am coming out from Philadelphia, PA .. (My fiances family lives out in Cody, WY). I was wondering if you could tell me of places near Cody or Jackson that offer weddings as well as lodging (preferrably in the same place).. I am having a real difficult time

  • H,i can i get a copy of the spreadsheet too:)
    You can send it to [email protected]

    Thanks :)

  • ...and one more request for the emails/spreadsheet! Ginadog, you are saving us precious time! LOL! You are a great resource. Thanks!
  • I would love to get that PDF! My email is [email protected] Thank you so much!
  • Well, I might as well get in on the spreadsheet action too!  [email protected]

    Thank you so very much! 
  • Hi! Do you still have the spreadsheet you were talking about? I would love to get a copy!
  • I know it is last year's info but could you send methat spreadsheet, I am totally in the dark on all this wedding stuff but I do know Yellowstone is the where. jinx_d9hotmail.com Thanks
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    Hello I was wondering if I could get the PDF as well please, I am planning go out to the Tetons in September to get married I got a quote from a wedding planner that is a little over my budget. We will be traveling from South Carolina and have never been out to Jackson. We are on a tight budget so it is going to be my fiancé and I coming out there I appreciate any information that you can give me! My email is [email protected]
  • Hi ginadog! Would you be able to share your PDF/brochures and costs for ~50 people with me? My email is [email protected] Thanks in advance!
  • Hi there Ginadog! Sorry to bug you but would you mind sharing a copy with me? My email is [email protected] Thank you so much!
  • Would love to get that copy as well!

  • Hi GinaDog. I know this post is a little old, but do you think I could get a copy of this spreadsheet as well? My email is [email protected]. Thank you!!
  • Hi GinaDog, I'm in the beginning stages of destination Jackson Hole for next summer. Know it's a few years old now, but would LOVE to have a copy of the spreadsheet you've been so kind to share. My email is [email protected] Where did you end up having your wedding?

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    Hi GinaDog!  It looks like you're the woman with the knowledge here!!  Would you mind sending me your spreadsheets?  You are too sweet to help so many women out!!

    Thank you in advance!

    [email protected]


  • Dubai is one of the amazing wedding destination. We are planning to organize our wedding in Dubai. Currently, we are talking to some event planner based in Dubai. Hope for the best.
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