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April 2013 Weddings

Disappointment is setting in...

I had a great wedding day!  I looked great, the weather was beautiful, everyone *loved* our non-traditional ceremony, the food was great, we had a great time, and I married an awesome guy. 

But... I was an anti-bridezilla- I didn't care much about the details and was very easy going.  I think most people expect the bride to have things planned down to a T- I didn't. 

And now I'm starting to realized things I messed up.  First, I'm pretty disappointed in my professional pics.  (http://galleries.mymusea.com/james-byrd-photography/events/3541/auth#8944/592313)  I was attracted to my photographers by some *beautiful* shots- but those didn't show me that they didn't have a lot of experience in posing people and things like that.  And I wasn't picky enough to make sure everyone was lined up a certain way,etc.  And I'm disappointed in myself because I picked them not as a budget option or anything, but because I thought I'd really like them.  And I realized after our engagement session that they didn't give a lot of direction, but didn't realize how much it would make a difference with getting an entire (albeit small) bridal party to look good together.

Also, I was looking through our pics and was thinking "Where are the pics with my grandparents?"  And then realized- we didn't take them.  The night before everyone was asking me five hundred questions about details I didn't know.  I never thought about asking my grandparents to come early- I figured we'd get those pictures after the ceremony- and totally forgot.  And, my dad's entire side of the family was there (which doesn't happen often), and I didn't even think about getting a group photo. 

I just hate that everyone expected me to know *exactly* how things were supposed to go.  And that also means I put all the blame on myself for the things I missed.  I feel like vendors asked me for details that they could've figured out on their own.  And I honestly wish people hadn't asked me for my opinion so much!

Re: Disappointment is setting in...

  • Theres always going to be the "one thing" you missed. I was also super laid back about everything, but  was SUPER organized. And let me tell you, my one goof was HUGGGGGEEEE!!!! I walked down the aisle on the right side of my father, the whole giving me away was soooo awkward beause of it,and I was so focused on my husband that i didnt even hug him!!! I just smiled! ugh lol but like i said, there is always going to be the one thing, no matter how well your planning is. :) Nothing you can do but laugh and count your blessings! :)

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    Honestly, there is nothing you can do about it now so try and focus on everything that went perfectly. If you focus on the negative you will only make yourself feel crappy about it, so try to block that from your mind!
  • We didn't get pictures of H's mother's side of the family, nor pictures of my family. But we did get of his father's side, which is huge because they never leave NY. I was also the anti-bridezilla. On my wedding day someone would say something, like how do you want this done, and I would say I don't care. It got to the point to owner would come up to me, ask a question and then answer with I don't care, right? (She was absolutly wonderful!) Don't sweat the small stuff. You had a wonderful day, hold onto that.
  • I could have written your post word for word.  We didn't get shots of the bridal party all together - WHO FORGETS THAT????  Apparently, me.  And my photographer.  I can't figure out who to be more upset at - me for forgetting, or my photographer for not doing something that she has probably done at 3,000 other weddings.  But, like others have said, it's over and that's that. 

    Nobody ever has a perfect wedding.  Everyone I know can tell me a dozen flaws from their big day.  Some get over it, some never do.  (My bff STILL talks about how her baker put apple green ribbon around the bottoms of her cake layers instead of hunter green, when her colors were hunter green & navy blue.... and that was 8 years ago.)  My mom can talk about how the band played the wrong song for the father/daughter dance at her wedding to my dad - and that was 40 years ago!  The thing I realized is that mistakes like that fit in perfectly with my life with H - we are perfectly imperfect.  We're always going to screw up.  We're always late, we always forget things.  It doesn't surprise me that I forgot to remind the photographer to take a shot of the bridal party.  Heck, I forgot to give her a "must take" list in the first place!  For as organized as I was, things still slipped through the cracks because I'm not perfect, and to tell you the truth, I don't want to be.  It's too much work and too much stress.  I'll take perfectly imperfect any day - that's what my husband fell in love with all those  years ago anyway.
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  • If it makes you feel better I didn't get any full bridal party photos, any photos of my immediate family all together, any photos with either of my stepdads or with any extended family. My H didn't get any photos with his pop pop either, which sucks. I felt like crap during my reception and we didn't do ANY formal photos like we were supposed to. It makes me so upset but dwelling on it won't change anything. The day has come and gone and the best thing to do is keep a good attitude.
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