Needing Input on some Flower Ideas

Hey there Knotties

I've got everything figured out (well, mostly) as far as flowers go.  

One thing I am having problems with is matching the bridesmaid's dress color.  Its David's Bridal Peacock.  I have no clue what flowers could match such a color naturally.  Our other colors are silver/black/ivory.

My other problem is what to do for me.  I have decided not to hold a bouquet.  Holding things, make me far more anxious and uncomfortable than not having something to hold.  Yeah, I know.  I'm weird.  I thought I could do a nice corsage, but I was afraid of looking too "Young Girl Prom".  But I DO want to utilize flowers ... I adore them so.

Anyone have any creative ideas for either?

Re: Needing Input on some Flower Ideas

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    The flowers do not have to match the color of the BM dresses.  There are no naturally occuring flowers in that color anyway.  Also when you match the color in the dress the flowers tend to "disappear" into the fabric.

    I would suggest that you have BM bouquets with a mixture of white/cream flowers.  They will really pop against the peacock color.

    As for you, I would forgo a corsage.  I think that would definitley look promish.  If you dont want to carry anything you certainly don't have too.  Just utilize flowers elsewhere like in your ceremony decor and for your reception.

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    The bridesmaids themselves are carrying white bouquets, yes.  I wanted to "match" the peacock color if possible, in other arrangements.  Sorry I wasn't clear. :)

    What we'll probably end up doing is just utilizing peacock feathers in all the arrangements in tasteful amounts to provide some unity.

    I think I might ask my florist how they feel about doing a floral fascinator type thing I can put in my hair ... and have that instead of the bouquet or corsage.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    If you want to utilize the peacock color elsewhere I would do so with your linens or non-floral items like marbles, ribbons, feathers, etc.  Again, a peacock color flower will just scream fake and dyed.

    I think a fascinator is a great idea!

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