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Calling again since it didn't seem to work the first time.  I (and other knotties) are having issues posting pictures.  I even tried to copy and paste a prior post that had pictures in it into a new discussion but the photos (and the layout of the post) didn't transfer the way it used to do.  We need some help @knotporscha.  @knotjackie posted about you before, I figured you'd be the one to help with this.  Thanks.


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Re: @knotporscha

  • Hi @julyet06! I can talk to our tech teach about our image uploading options, including trying to copy and paste.

    Can you let me know what else isn't working for you? For example we have the 'Attach a file' option located at the bottom left of the text box and a posting with the "url image' option located top right.

  • Thanks!  Okay, the attach a file works as far as I can tell (I was trying to post pics directlyinto the post using the old way using the "insert image" icon at the top). 

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