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So, BF and I were looking at rings again today and looked at one EGL and one GIA diamond.  I know that GIA diamonds are held to a higher standard than EGL and that is what most people prefer having.  In the future if we wanted an upgrade the store gives a 100% purchase price towards another ring so I'm not that concerned about re-sale.  Does anyone have any strong feelings or thoughts about EGL versus GIA?  The EGL diamond we looked at is beautiful and doesn't have an visible inclusions.  I'm just trying to figure out which is the best avenue for us.
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Re: EGL vs. GIA

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    I have no idea, but this article says don't buy EGL.  I'd honestly never heard of EGL before this post, so I'm inclined to stick to GIA.

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  • GIA are usually much better, and any jeweler I have been to has insisted that you should not buy an EGL unless it is extremely high quality.  Like you said, GIA is held to a much higher standard.  One jeweler showed me one of each next to each other and I couldn't believe the difference.  They were both F or G--don't remember which, but F is colorless and G is near colorless so they should be pretty clear.  The GIA was clear, but the EGL was SO yellow.  My advice is to go with GIA if at all possible, but if it needs to be EGL, just make sure it's the top tier if quality is important to you.
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  • EGL is typically a few grades worse, but there is nothing wrong with buying EGL.  We got a much better deal buying an EGL rated diamond.  It's either G or H in color on the GIA scale (I think it was a E on EGL) and it still looks colorless to the naked eye.  As long as you see the diamond first, or buy it loose and can have it appraised and inspected with an option to return it, I see no problem with buying an EGL diamond if you get a better deal.  My diamond is only an I2 for clarity, the inclusion is black and right in the middle - which sounds really bad, but actually it's hard to detect.  However, there is no cloudiness or other inclusions, so it looks really clear if you aren't inspecting it closely.  My center stone was bought loose from a jeweler who had a 30 day return policy, so buying it was pretty much risk free.  It appraised well, so it's the stone I got!
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