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Trouble picking my third bridesmaid.

I'm having trouble getting my wedding party together. F and I decided we'd only have 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen, MOH and best man included. 

My future sister-in-law is the sweetest girl I've ever met and has become as dear to me as an actual sister over the years, so there's no doubt that she'll be my MOH. The other girl I'm close to is my elder brother's wife, who has become my second bridesmaid. 

But for the third, I'm absolutely torn. My younger brother is also married, and seeing that I'd like to have both my other sister-in-laws in my wedding party it would seem rude to exclude her. Trouble is, I really, really want to exclude her. She's not a total monster but there are a lot of things about her that I don't like and I'd much rather prefer my best friend from college to complete my merry band of BM's. I'm not completely sure about how to solve this situation.

Re: Trouble picking my third bridesmaid.

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    Why do you only have to have three bridesmaids?  Just have four bridesmaids and your FI can have however many groomsmen he wants.  Sides don't have to be even and it is really shitty to choose even sides and pretty pictures over honoring close relationships.

    ETA: Or since you don't like your younger brother's wife, just don't include her.  Bridesmaids are supposed to be your nearest and dearest, and it doesn't sound like this woman is in that category.  Still, my point about even sides stands.  If your FI wants more or fewer groomsmen than you have bridesmaids, that is fine.
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    Why are you limiting yourself to three?  And please for the love of all that is holy do not say because you want even sides.

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  • Ditto PPs that there is no rule that you have to have an even number of BMs/GM.  But aside from that, you should not ask someone you aren't close with to be in your WP.  Just ask your good friend.  You did not ask your other SILs because they are your SILs, you asked them because they are also your friends.  Third SIL is not your friend.
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    seeing as one sister in law is from your brother and one is from your husband i don't think there's any reason for spare SIL to feel left out.  it's not like you have 8 brothers and you're like "these 7 ladies... but NOT you."

    also what addie said.
  • I'm following with Daizy914. I have two brothers as well and one of them lives in Europe, his girlfriend is French and I've only seen her once or twice in my life. The other brother's fiancee is someone I see nearly every week and with whom I am very close. I'm going to ask my brother's fiancee but not the girlfriend. It's not rude, it's just normal. There will be people on your wedding day that you aren't that close to or that you were obliged to invite because of this or that, but your wedding party are the ones that share your wedding day to the fullest. You want to have people that are close to you at your side. Not people of which you thought they had to be there. You only get married once, make sure you enjoy that day.
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