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Catholic Weddings

Did you say I do or did you say Vows?

FI and I spent the weekend working on our ceremony.  We've picked our readings and 99% sure of the music.  The final thing we have to decide if we are going to say our vows to each other or say I do after the priest asks us.  What did you pick and why?

Re: Did you say I do or did you say Vows?

  • We said our vows -- I just liked the idea better, as though I was making the declaration rather than just agreeing with it.  I was pretty worried that I was going to lose it, but I made it through with nary a tear.  =)



  • @Professor that's my thought too.  It seems to mean more when we have to declare our vows to each other in front of all our family and friends.
  • We also repeated the vows - I thought it was much more meaningful to say those words to each other. 

    I also thought I would be bawling through them, but I was actually fighting an urge not to laugh the whole time (not because I actually found it funny, but just because it popped into my head that "this would be a really inappropriate time to get a case of the giggles," which I am prone to at random times...)

  • FI is handling the programs portion so this is off the top of my head, I know we are using longer portions of the readings:

    First:Tobit 8:5-7
    Second: 1 Corinthians 12:31 - 13:8
    Gospel:Matthew 7:21, 24-29

    Music is:
    Te Deum (Mothers)
    Cannon D (Bride)
    Responsorial Psalm (Taste and See)
    Gifts: Pie Jesu
    Communion: The Prayer
    Devotion to Mary: Ave Maria
    Recessional: Ode to Joy
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  • We're going to memorize the vows and say them.  I like that better too.

  • @erin, I joked with FI that I would end up getting the hiccups.  I get them all the time, have since before I was born oddly enough.  
  • We definitely didn't memorize -- way to go Monkey!

    Our priest spoke so softly at that part, though, that apparently a lot of people thought we HAD memorized them.  

    @Erin, DH's ring was a LITTLE snug, so it didn't just slide right on.  There's a great moment caught in both our video and our photos of the slightly panicked look on my face as I struggled to get the ring over his knuckle.



  • We also said vows but no memorizing here. My wedding ring was rather snug to get on. Our priest commented that I must have eaten too much at the RD. :-)
  • @ Prof

    We're both good at memorizing things, but we may have our priest on standby to repeat them just in case, since I know sometimes brides and grooms can just get so nervous that it all goes out of their head!  :)

  • When we exchanged the rings, I looked at them on the best man's palm and my eyes popped wide open and I was holding back a scream of "where's my ring".  Then I noticed that my ring had fit perfectly inside of his so that it appeared to one ring.  Very appropriate ...
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  • Ha, we repeated the vows from our priest. Unfortunately my husband was so focused on repeating correctly that when the priest accidentally said "to be my husband" (instead of wife), DH repeated it. And then we all had a little chuckle.
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  • @TeaForMe, that's exactly what I predict will happen to me.  Or I'm likely to drop the ring or something.  I'm pretty sure my family will be placing bets on whether I trip down the aisle, but since I'm semi helping my dad walk we should be good.
  • @TXKristan, why would I wear my wedding shoes to the rehearsal?  Oh if you think it would help to avoid tripping, it's more my family thinks I'm extremely clumsy.  I've been known to trip in flip flops.  My wedding shoes are just standard height heels so I should be good there.  I'm definitely not used to wearing floor length gowns though so that should be interesting but I was ok when I danced in it at the bridal salon.
  • We're repeating the vows.  It's what we wanted to do anyway, but our priest doesn't allow people to just say "I do".
  • Catholic rite of marriage includes both statement of intent and vows. The statement of intent question expect a "yes" . Then vows are done -- by several options
  • @agapecarriem thanks so much.

    The Catholic ceremony has two parts.  You must answer in the affirmative when the priest asks your intent to marry freely, etc.  There is also a part later in the ceremony when you exchange rings and either say your vows or the priests says them and you answer I do.  
  • I love it when you day the actual vows to each other- you get to hear the voices shake and I think it makes it more personal. We plan on saying our vows, even though I may have a tough time getting them out (I am very prone to crying at weddings, so all I can do is imagine how much I'm going to cry during my own!)
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  • We said our vows all the way out.  Our priest printed them upside-down in his prayer book, which he was holding open while standing in front of us.  That way, we were not repeating them, but it saved us if we didn't have them memorized (which we didn't) or flubbed them.
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    We also repeated our vows. @MedStudent13 I also always tear up at weddings but I didn't cry at all the day of. H chocked up a little at the rehearsal because he said I was making a face that looked like I was trying to not cry but the actual wedding day of neither of us cried although there was a moment where I almost lost it when I was about to walk down the aisle (probably nerves and freaking out that it was finally happening) but as soon as I saw H waiting I was good :)
  • @Tami87, I was the same way.  I cry ALL THE TIME, but I held it together until we got out of the church after it was over.  They hustled us into the bride's room to have a moment alone and I LOST IT.  DH was like, "Why are you crying NOW?!"



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