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Needing help with colors.

We have already bought save the dates, invites and thank you's. They are black/white damask and silver. 

I've already bought my dress and it is supposed to be ivory although anything ivory I hold next to it, it doesn't look like a true ivory, more of a soft/off white. I bought my garter in ivory and it is more yellow-ish than the dress. At the same time, its definitely not white, b/c everything white I hold next to it, it is very close but not white. This is my dress http://www.essensedesigns.com/essense-of-australia/dresses/detail/D1341

The colors I am leaning towards for the wedding are flowers: red, blue, white and purple; grey or purple bm dresses; grey and charcoal grey suits/tuxes for groom/groomsmen. 

Should I have the guys wear white or ivory shirts? Should I have the flower girl wear a white or ivory dress? I bought a ring bearer pillow today that is white but I don't know how to make everything coordinate with my dress being ivory-ish. Should I just do everything else in the party white and have my dress stand out as the only ivory material or am I being too detail oriented? Help, please!

Re: Colors...

  • I am not one to notice those slight differences, and if I did notice I wouldn't care. I think your color choices for the BM and GM attire sound lovely. I wouldn't worry much about the exact shade of white for the flower girl dress or GM shirts. In pictures anything remotely close to white should look the same.
  • bump. I'd like more opinions on this.
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    Hey. The white/ivory stuff will be no big deal together. Your dress is a similar colour to mine. It's called ivory but is just lightly off white. The stuff that I see not flowing so well are all the other colours in the flowers and dresses. If you want purple bridesmaid dresses I would cut out the red from the flowers. Doesn't seem to match but that's just my opinion.
  • I want to have the red tulips in my bouquet since they are my favorite flower. My vision is a wildflower-y bouquet with a mix of roses, lavender, tulips, anemone, snapdragon, lisianthus, sweet pea, calla lilly and iris. 

    Back to the original, I decided to go with "ivory" (more like the soft white) for my dress and have everybody else's neutral be white. Normally the bride is the one wearing white on her wedding day and my dress just so happens to be "ivory" so everyone else's main color for the WP will be white: flower girl dress, groom and GM's shirts, basket and ring pillow. It will all work since the flowers won't be a true white either, more of a natural soft white. 
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