Dog friendly venues

My sister is looking for venues that are dog friendly for their ceremony. They are planning a September wedding so outside venues are preferred.

Re: Dog friendly venues

  • Unfortunately, you are probably going to have to call places individually and see.  A lot of places have prohibitions against animals other than service animals (ie seeing eye dogs) because it limits thier liability insurance and helps keep things cleaner.

    It will probably be easier to find something if she is okay having the ceremony and the reception at different locations.  I know that there are some park's that you can rent for Weddings.  Quiet Waters and Oregon Ridge  come to mind.

    A lot of catering halls and hotels are probably going to be a no-go, but according to PetsWelcome the Hilton in Downtown Baltimore is pet friendly.
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  • Definitely try using one the state parks for the wedding! They all allow dogs for the most part, and its close to nothing cost wise to actually reserve spaces there. Try Susquehanna State park, it's beautiful, in Harford County, and has lots of potential for an outdoor wedding!
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