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Coordinating outfits...

So I am trying to think of what to do to coordinate colors for the wedding party. I already have my dress and it has a champagne colored sash on it. My FI is insistent on wearing a black tux, which is fine and I wanted navy blue bridesmaids dresses. We're probably going with wildflowers for their bouquets, so colorful. I just don't want it to be a complete mess of colors, so how should I choose to combine these options to make it look good? Or do you think I'll have to sacrifice the blue for another, more neutral color to match? 

Re: Coordinating outfits...

  • I think there is a difference between 'bright navy' and 'dark-almost-black-neutral-navy'. If you go with a bright navy, I think it looks fantastic with black. A navy that's nearly mistaken for black, not so much.
  • It would be a bright navy, or almost indigo. 
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