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BYOs in Philly

Hi!  I'm trying to find a BYO venue for the reception in Philly but seem to be having a lot of trouble, even when I contact locations that people suggested a few years ago (they no longer appear to be BYO).  The price per person tends to be cheaper with BYO so I was wondering if anyone had any updated suggestions.


Re: BYOs in Philly

  • are you looking for a restaurant specifically? there are venues where you would have to hire a caterer and then you could provide the alcohol to the caterer. not sure if you looked into that option, you would be able to limit your bar which could save on costs.

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  • amom333amom333 member
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    we're actually not looking for a restaurant but rather a venue such as a hotel, museum, etc where we could get married and have the reception.  unfortunately they all see to have their "preferred" or "required" caterers who insist on bringing the alcohol, making the prices per person more expensive.  i was just hoping someone had success at a venue in Philly in terms of being able to bring their own alcohol.
  • What about Aldie Mansion? They have caterers but you buy your own liquor and they serve it. So you can have as limited or unlimited bar as you'd like.
  • i'm not too sure about places in philly doing that, but there are lots of places outside of the city that allow you to do that, such as the Aldie Mansion. Not too sure how far outside of the city you'd be willing to travel. The Highlands allows you to do that, also I believe there is a place at the Abington Art Center that you can bring your own alcohol. You can check out partyspace.com they have some unique venues that might allow you to BYO.

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  • amom333amom333 member
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    Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately we're trying to stay in the city if possible since we'll probably have a lot of guests who will be traveling from other countries and who won't have access to cars, so we'll need for them to be able to get around easily.  I'll check partyspace.com but if anyone has any suggestions about places in the city, please let me know!
  • I'm getting married at the National Museum of American Jewish History and they do not have any preferred vendors and I am bringing my own alcohol.  I was able to pick my own caterer off a list of suggested vendors but they're fairly open about you hiring whoever you want.  I also looked at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts which was flexible and open about caterers as well.  Most places such as museums/ballroom spaces with preferred vendors will usually still let you bring in your own alcohol.  I looked at the ARTS ballroom and the Philadelphia Horticultural Center and while Steven Starr was the vendor bringing your own alcohol was allowed.  This was last summer so its possibly different by now.  Good luck- let me know if you need any other suggestions!  I was in the same situation as you last June :)
  • amom333amom333 member
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    Thanks for all the information!!  I looked into the Horticultural Center too and spoke with the Steven Starr caterers and they said they won't let me bring my own alcohol but that they could give me a lowered price if I wanted wine/beer instead of a full bar. They said they have to handle the alcohol though - it's crazy how fast that changed from last summer.  I'll take a look at your other suggestions - thanks!
  • thanks for the information! i'm starting the planning phase and am interested in as many ways to cut costs as possible!
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