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Is this tacky for a wedding dress??

First off, I absolutely LOVE sparkle. I have looked at regular wedding gowns and found that even those with a fair amount of rhinestones or beading just don't quite match up to the sparkle level I'd like. I've toyed with the idea of a full-sequin gown, and found the one below and fell in love! We're going to have lots of candles at the wedding so I imagine that it would sparkle nicely without being gaudy, and we're a "fun" couple so it's not really a traditional/formal wedding... Is this dress tacky to have as a wedding gown with just a simple veil, no jewelry except for earrings? I really love it, but don't know if I'm crazy to consider it... Please be honest!  ((It would be ordered in all white - no color))

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Re: Is this tacky for a wedding dress??

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     I think this is super pretty, and would look awesome in white & paired with a veil and earrings. 'Tacky' most definitely would *not* cross my mind! If the bling is totally you, and your wedding to match, I think this would be a great gown! :)

  • Let me start by saying, I love bling. I love sparkle.  I am a huge huge fan.  But, I think that dress as  a wedding gown, even in white would be way over the top.  It is gorgeous, but is much more appropriate for a new years eve party gown.


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    I think it is a bit much.
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  • Honestly, sequins on anything always look juvenile to me, and cheap. Or costume-y, since I grew up dancing and we always had 10 million sequins on our recital costumes. Sequins belong on the stage, not close up at a wedding.
  • its beautiful!!!! but I think it looks like you'd be running for Mrs. America instead of getting married... But in the end if you love it thats all that matters :)
  • This is the thing...If you had to ask us if it was tacky, you might be self-conscious all night wondering if your guests are thinking the same thing...It might be a sign it might not be "the dress" if you are worried what others think about it


    Just food for thought....

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  • TBH, the spaghetti straps and the shiny sash around the waist (with all the blng) make it look juvenile. but im not you, you have to pick 
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    It looks like a prom dress, not a wedding dress, IMO.
  • I don't like the sash at all
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  • I myself do not like the dress as a wedding dress. I might roll my eyes. But I will not think of your dress after the wedding. If you love the dress, then I say go for it. Keep in mind would you actually love it if everybody is the rolling their eyes at you
  • I don't know how you can call a fully sequined dress "not gaudy".  I would totally side-eye this as a guest.  This is just my opinion though.  You have to do what's right for you and your wedding.
  • Tell us more about  the wedding. What season is it, what time of day, where is the reception and ceremony, any theme? 
  • i think a lot of how you look in it will depend on how you feel in it. if you feel gorgeous and comfortable in it, you will be much more likely to pull it off than if you are feeling self-conscious in it. so i think the biggest question is just how you'll feel! 
  • I think it looks kind of prom-y and I think it is a little much.

    That said, I think you have the right idea of minimal accessories if you do end up with a super blinged out gown. We had originally planned on a NYE wedding, but pushed it back two weeks because we didn't want to compete with the holiday, but I had considered a very sparkly dress for a while. These are some that I really liked that I think look less prom:

    image(Sarah Seven 'Lights' gown)

    image(Wtoo 'Shiloh,' It is hard to tell from this photo, but this gown is COVERED in white sequins. They have another more ballgown-y gown in the same fabric called Catalina)

    image(BHLDN 'Cyprium')

    image(Another BHLDN 'Isadora')
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  • Try David Turtela(sp) my gowns by him and its pretty much all sequins!
  • It looks a tad overdone. Like something you would wear for a pageant and not a wedding. I'm used to seeing sequins in dance competitons and pagent dresses. I think barbiiiieeee's examples are much more refined and adult-like.

    That being said it depends on how you feel and what your event is like.

  • I reverse image-searched this dress-- where do you even see it in white?  It's advertised all over the internet as a prom dress, in this and a blackish/silverish/I don't know what color.  I'd like to see it in the white as you're describing.


    Either way, I think it is too much.  I also think it's gaudy for a prom dress. If you really have your heart set on it, and it's in the budget, I think it's much more appropriate for a reception/party dress instead of being worn at the ceremony.  I usually don't see the need for two dresses, but if you're dead set on this one, I'd wear it at the reception. It's way over the top for a ceremony.

  • I don't think I'd judge unless it was a casual or church wedding.  I'm a little judgy about what brides wear in church.

    It's not my taste, but ultimately, it's your dress and your wedding.

  • Thanks for all your honesty ladies! I ended up deciding on an unembellished charmeuse sheath gown so it's shiny, but bridal - then I will add tasteful (but blingy!) bling - chandelier earrings, a rhinestone trimmed veil, tiara and a rhinestone sash. That way I get my super sparkle but it's more in line with a wedding. I love that gown, but you're right... if I'm already wondering if it's tacky, then I should forego the idea!  :)
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    I think it is more of a pageant dress than a wedding dress. I wouldn't side eye it, but I wouldn't be all, "ZOMG! I loooove your dress" either. Unless you are having a church, daytime, or casual wedding, I think it is fine to wear it if that is what makes you feel happy and beautiful. It is a swanky dress, it should be worn to a swanky party, but so long as it fits the affair, I think it is fine.

    It sounds like you made a good choice!  And blinging it with accessories sounds perfect.  
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