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Where to buy a red wedding dress? HELP!

So long story short. I'm Asian having an American wedding. Mom not happy that I am not having a Chinese/Cambodian wedding. I'm thinking that maybe I should go ahead and find a red wedding dress...since we wear red to weddings. It's so hard, since I'm a chubby monkey, looking for a tea lenght (day time wedding and I can't walk in heels) Am I done for it and should just buy a white/ivory dress?


PLEASE HELP! Anyone know where in Dallas that I am able to find a good selection of red wedding dress?

Re: Where to buy a red wedding dress? HELP!

  • You might need to shop around pretty extensively online and find something that can be done in red, then find what vendors sell that style.  I know David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo do red dresses, but I'm certain you could find something else if you don't want to go the DB/AA route.  One of my really good friends bought an ADORABLE tea length dress at Mockingbird Bridal, but I have no idea if it's one they could do in red.

    Also, what do YOU want to wear?  It's nice of you to want to do this for your mom, and it sounds like a cool nod to your culture, but remember that you are the one who has to live with your wedding photos for the rest of your life.  If you're not 100% sold on the idea, I'd suggest leaving your options open to white dresses as well so that you find the dress that is perfect for YOU.



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    I got my dress at Alfred Angelo and they had a gorgeous red dress on a mannequin in the window.  However, it was a full length bridal gown, not tea length.  Might be worth a shot.

    Have you thought about maybe having a Chinese tea ceremony that might please your mother?  We had a bride do that a few years ago.  She had it at her RD which she held at Kirin Court restaurant and then she had a regular American ceremony also and carried a red rose bouquet as a nod to her heritage.

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    You also don't need to limit yourself to wedding dress stores. I actually had a prom dress that was red and tea length that I found at a department store. Look around just all sorts of nice, fancy dress shops, and I bet you could find something.
  • I found a great tea length dress in red for my daughter at the mall and a store called Whatchamacallit. They have red dresses. It doesn't have to be a wedding dress. Prom dresses also work. Good luck!
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