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Veil? Blusher?

I can't make up my mind. My FI has no preference which makes it even harder. How did you all decide on whether to wear a veil or not and/or blusher?

Re: Veil? Blusher?

  • Think about the location of your ceremony.  I decided to skip it because we are getting married on the beach. There is typically a breeze on the beach, so rather than it get tossed around in my face the entire ceremony I just passed on it all.
  • I wanted a veil because ill never get to wear one again. And it looks reallly good wtth my dress! Some dresses don't go too goo with most dresses so it depends on the dress/style
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    Yes on the veil for me (it really just makes my dress look so much more elegant and I think is really classic).  But no on the blusher.  I think it is a little old fashioned and I wouldn't feel totally comfortable with it
  • I just always wanted a veil and I think it looks gorgeous with my dress. I love the idea of a blusher but I just don't want my face covered...it's going to be hot enough as it is lol.
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  • I'm having the same dilemma. The bridal salon gave me a free veil but its very blah and I wasn't sure about wearing one to begin with. My friend offered to lend me hers, which is beautiful, but I'm still undecided! My dress has a keyhole back so I really don't want anything covering it at all.
  • I never wanted a blusher and I was unsure on a veil. But when I chose the dress the out the veil on me, and I loved it. I have put my own in plain clothes and He has said it makes his heart race. I can't wait until he sees the entire ensemble.
  • I based the decision off of my dress and wedding type. I'm having a formal, traditional church wedding - so a veil suits that theme. It's hard to describe how I picked a veil to my dress, but my dress couldn't handle a cathedral length veil. So I went with the simplest finger tip length veil.
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  • I'm not wearing a veil. Instead, I bought a flower for my hair that matches my dress. I'm having an outdoor garden wedding, and I will be wearing my hair down in long curls. I did try on a veil when I bought my dress, but it felt like too much. 
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