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Keep the basket and ring pillow?

Both of my nieces (my sister's kids) are each my ring bearer and flower girl. However, should I give the ring pillow and baskets to the two girls? I am happy to do so for the fbasket but would kind of like to keep the pillow as a momento as I will be adding the ribbons etc myself. However, I can understand if the two girls may want to keep both for dress ups and things like that later. Is it customary to let them keep it? Many thanks for your thoughts.

Re: Keep the basket and ring pillow?

  • They are your wedding items, and don't belong to the kids just because they carried them down the aisle. I have never heard if the RB/FG keeping them
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  • I think you can do whatever you'd like with them. I don't think it's standard to give the RB or FGs the pillow or baskets, but I 'have' heard of this before. One thing you could do though, is if you do let the girls keep the baskets, and want to keep the pillow, I'd buy something small for the RB to have so he doesn't feel left out. I don't think he'd be overly upset that he didn't get to keep the pillow necessarily, but just the idea that he didn't get to keep something, and the other little girls in your wedding party did. So maybe get him something small he's interested in, or a keepsake of some sort. That way he's happy, and not feeling left out, and you get to keep your pillow. :)
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