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Hello! My name is Rachael and I'm pretty new to TK.

Has anyone ever used Spotify or Pandora for their wedding?  I thought about making a few different play lists (music for entrance to reception, dinner music, first dances and then general dancing) and having one, or two, of our friends in charge of making sure the lists get changed. 

Any thoughts??


  • I haven't really used either for anything, but doesn't Pandora give you an ad every 5 songs or something like that?
  • You can buy an add free version. Same with Spotify I believe. 
  • Idk if personally i would use it, just because (at least with pandora) it throws in songs you "might like" and it may not be what you want to hear at your wedding. Example you may like bruno mars and make a station for that but then you get R Kelly in the closet kind of thing.... I would probably go with making a more defined playlist.

  • These are both difficult because they do pal;y adds. You can sign up for a higher level wit out adds. I am not sure how long the contract is. But the songs are random. You are only allowed to skip a certain number of songs. You may risk having to listen to a bad song. I think it would be best to create  a playlist of your own. There are many frees ties. I really like grooveshark.
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    I had my Pandora on shuffle yesterday while I was mowing our lawn, and I listened for 1.5 hours without ads. I have no idea why/how this happened.

  • I would do, and am considering doing myself, the spotify (ad free of course) option. Unlike pandora you can choose exactly what songs you want to play. 
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