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WTf Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies!

You know what to do - complaints go here!
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Re: WTf Wednesday

  • WTF Coworkers! Stop coming over to my desk, leaning all over it and sneezing/coughing/sniffling near me. And when I tell you to get away with your germy self don't think I am kidding. Seriously - FI just came down with something which has pretty much put him at sleeping all day and feeling crappy when he is awake - so not too much help on wedding stuff. I do not need to come down with something either - I have too much to do!!!
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  • Oh no! Vitamin C, missy, and don't touch your face! Hopefully you don't get sick - or at least if you do, it passes quickly so you can get it out of the way before you leave.

    WTF, job. I was gone for over two weeks and I expected to be busy when I came back. Nope. Bored. Maybe I'll attack some homework instead... 
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  • WTF rain. You keep making the river go up and we can't take the boat out. Erg. And your thunder is killing my dog please stop so he b can rest!
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