Need an affordable ATL venue!! Help!

So we wanna get married October 2014 and on a Sunday. Right now the guest list is about 65 people and our budget is 8500 that is for EVERYTHING so I really don't want my venue to put me right at 8500 b/c I still have my dress and stuff to get. Anyways I want something all inclusive!! I really want something that will do dj, photography, flowers (including the wedding party, etc...), catering and linens and chairs. I am in Nursing School and I just think it would be too stressful to hunt down all these different vendors. I also would like an outside wedding with an indoor reception. The only places I have found so far close to what I want are Rosabelle Manor in Adairsville (we were looking at the classic package) and Rose Hall (not 100% inclusive but still good) in Dallas. I really like the old plantation look but I'm starting to think that having an all inclusive plantation house that includes everything under 7500 might be a stretch. :( I am willing to consider other options that have affordable all inclusive packages however I don't want to travel too far. Rosabelle is already like 2hr away and I live in the west ga yeah any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! I'd rather just go to city hall but my mom won't let me :)

Re: Need an affordable ATL venue!! Help!

  • Have you looked at Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth? Their Saturday package is around $7000 - $7500 and includes everything except the DJ and photographer. It's probably cheaper than that on a Sunday.
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    [QUOTE]Check out local restaurants.  Many, like Wahoo in Decatur and Canoe in Atlanta do the decorations and food and you might only have to worry about maybe a photographer and minister and you can often have the ceremony at those lcoations as well.  Usually cheaper then using a more traditional venue, particualrly if your head count is 40-70.  And if you are outside the city of Atlanta, probably less expensive as well.
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    This is a good idea as well. Canoe wasn't in our price range, but we are getting married at Wahoo Grill in July. We are providing our own photographer and florist though, and we are doing an iPod instead of a DJ. We were able to save a lot because they don't charge all the typical site fees that most wedding venues charge.
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  • awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!
  • I am a little wary of all inclusive venues. I think your budget is good enough to be able to book some great vendors. For example, photography is something very personal and you don't want to trust the venue to supply you someone whose work you may not like. 

    The worse wedding I ever attended was an Ipod DJ'd reception. It wasn't just about the music, guests were completely confused as to where to go or what to do. So if you do decide go that route make sure you get someone to make the proper announcements and guide people the right way. 

    If you want a good (reasonably priced) photographer let me know and I'll send you the contact information for mine.  
  • Depending on where in West Georgia you are, if you were willing to consider Columbus, The Garrett-Bullock House has a package for 50 people for $5800 so 65 people couldn't be much more than that.  It includes everything except photography since different people like different styles and such.  

    My maid of honor got married there and they were absolutely awesome -- if I hadn't had my venue already booked I would have considered changing they were so wonderful from start to finish and great price to boot!
  • The reason I like all inclusive is because I'll be finishing up my last year of nursing school before getting married and I just feel like it would be less stress on my end if I didn't have to seek out several vendors to choose from. DIY seems sooo stressful to me! I totally agree about the photography and will definitely be picking my own. Right now I have seen a few places. I definitely liked Rose Hall in Dallas. They have two packages one being completely all inclusive and the other package where you pick your own photographer, DJ, and florist for the party (they will be providing table decorations). I know several people who have gotten married there and have heard great things about it. I'm not sure how I feel about their menu options though. Right now it's at the top of my list but I will look at the other venues mentioned! Thanks
  • I agree about visiting the Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth. They are pretty much all inclusive. I have been to weddings at both places and loved the Conservatory so much better. It's right in downtown Acworth.  Food is so much better too. They have a great DJ and a good selection of photographers. The cake was really delicious.
  • Thanks! I'll check it out!
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