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Would Do/Wouldn't Do

Would Do:
I would absolutely have a DW again!  The Bahamas were amazing - beautiful beach, friendly locals, nice hotel!  Our guests had a great time, and dinner after the wedding at the hotel was delicious!  I would recommend a DW to anyone asking!  We got to spend our wedding day at the beach and pool relaxing with our friends and family - which is different from what so many people are able to say about their wedding day!  I'm happy that I didn't check the weather - luckily, I wasn't stressing about rain or anything.  I"m also happy that I didn't spend a whole lot for my dress - since I was so happy to get it off after the ceremony!  I changed into a more comfy dress for our reception dinner!  I also chose to do my hair and makeup myself.  This choice was partly because it was so difficult to get wedding planner to help set up, but also because I wasn't sure that I would like how my hair and make up ended up having it done by someone who I didn't know and was completely unfamiliar with their work.  It turned out just fine - and saved me even more money! 

Wouldn't Do:
I wouldn't have my wedding at the particular resort we chose - RIU Paradise Island.  As a vacation spot, this hotel was awesome.  As a location for a wedding and a wedding coordinator that is helpful, this hotel definitely fell short of my hopes and expectations.  I was completely blind coming into this as my "wedding coordinator" from the hotel was almost impossible to get a hold of - let alone get any answers from.  It all worked out fine, but it was way more stress than it should have been.  I would have also liked to have more time just the two of us for a "honeymoon", but we ended up with just 1 day to ourselves since everyone booked their own travel plans and picked their own travel dates. 

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