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I have been getting a lot of different price quotes from Bakeries regarding cake. What is a fair cost for a simple  2 tiered cake with fondant ? It seems like when bakeries immediatly ask what is your budget without having a price list to go by is shady and want to rip people off. I dont know just my expierence looking for a delicious cake without breaking the bank.

Re: Cake Cost?

  • The bakeris that I have contacted seem to all do per slice cost.  The price is based on the number of guest and the per slice cost.  The per slice cost that I am seeing averages around $4.50.  With my 120 count wedding, I am looking at $540. 
  • ok she quoted me $150 for 2 tierd cake. we are having a cake buffet so i dont want so much case since we are having other goodies too.
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    I am using McEntyre's bakery in Smyrna. Their prices are pretty affordable, and they are very straightforward with how much the extras cost. I am doing buttercream instead of fondant though, so I don't know their specific price on that.

    ETA: I originally priced out several flavors and a different type of icing and a filling, etc. I wanted to see what the worst case scenario would be cost-wise. They had no problem with me calling back the next week after I crunched the numbers to scale back our order.

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