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100 Love Its 100 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
edited May 2013 in Chit Chat
Im not sure where to post this thread, so if its in the wrong subforum, feel free to move it.

...Im not sure where to post this thread because the forum layout is probably one of the worst I have ever seen. 

I am an avid forum poster, and have posted and continue to post on several offtopic boards i.e. offtopic.com, somethingawful,com, nonewbs.com, xerq.net, bulldogbreeds.com for several years.

I do not understand why the owners of this website, cannot look to the most popular, user friendly forum models ( like the ones I stated above). Half the time Im opening windows, clicking the back button like a frightened, nervous kitten. 

I do not like that theres no where to see if I had already posted in a specific thread. That theres no search function, or at least one that I can find. That you cannot filter by Discussion, Started By, Replies, etc. The private messaging function, I dont even know where to go to find it, it just takes me a few minutes until I actually see it.

From what I see on this "forum" is that its pretty active, and it should be more user friendly.

Re: Forum Layout

  • d2vad2va
    100 Love Its 100 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    I also apologize in advance if all of this has already been addressed, unfortunately I cannot search and see if it was, and if its already being fixed, adjusted etc.
  • For the record, Search is right off to the right  (above recent activity) where it says "Search Boards"

    PMs is the little envelope-like symbol above that near the world/star/person.
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