Music in Motion for Uplighting

I wanted to see if anyone has used Music in Motion for uplighting?

I booked them as my dj after great reviews and they are also providing our photobooth. The one issue I am running into is the uplighting. They said that it would be an all inclusive package for $500. Then because we changed the venue they said it was an extra $500 because they need to use all their lighting. Now because our guest list went up to 250 people and we need to use a tiny bit more of the ballroom they want to go up in price again!

My two issues are that 1. they said the $500 was included for everything before we even told them where our first venue was and 2. they said the extra $500 was to include all the lighting they have and now they want to charge more! Not sure for what?

Anyway did anyone else run into this problem? Did they quote you based on your room size and party size or by the package price of $500?
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Re: Music in Motion for Uplighting

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    We're using Music In Motion for DJ/architectural up lighting and didn't run into any pricing problem with them. Mike did ask us if we wanted monogram and extra lighting for the dance floor which is an extra $250 which I said no.  Did you sign your contract with them regarding the lighting yet? They should really honor the price if you did. 
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    I did sign the contract and they said because we changed the venue the contract doesn't matter. We didn't officially have the venue when we talked we just said that it was our first choice. If you don't mind me asking how large is your venue?
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    My venue is the Waterview. I'm not sure how many people the ballroom can accommodate but I'm have 145 pp. I think the room should be able to fit up to 300 pp. Definitely ask them to list what the extra $500 is for. As much as I like Music In Motion, that $500 difference is just unacceptable if all they are doing is adding a few extra lights to accommodate your slightly larger current venue. 
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    we used Music in Motion for their uplighting, and looooooooved it.

    They were a part of our package for Cascade, and it was $500 for the lighting. I don't know about the pricing issue you have, but we had the whole ballroom at Cascade, which I know can hold a lot of people.
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    I had a problem with them quoting a price then increasing it.
    I was pissed!!
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