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I just need to vent. WR

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So most of you know I've been busy with moving back to Colorado and starting a new job. Wedding planning has been going fairly smooth but there are a few things that happened this week that I just need to vent about.

1) FI's cousin (the one who's marrying the 17 year old) announced that they are getting married the weekend before us. Now under other circumstances this wouldn't bother me, but most of FI's family can only get enough time off or can only afford to come to one wedding. Not only is FI upset about this but a lot of his family members are too. I wouldn't have known that if they hadn't kept coming to talk/vent to me about it at FI's graduation party. I do wish them the best, but it just makes me sad that people that FI and I both care about won't be able to make it.
Oh and here's the kicker, they are planning to make coming to our wedding part of their honeymoon. Isn't that just peachy.

2) The place we had reserved for our wedding night emailed me this morning canceling our reservations. Apparently another bride called this morning and asking to book out the whole place and since we were the only reservation they made a, "business decision" to cancel us. I mean we hadn't put any money down but still it feels like it's unfair.

3) My mom thought she'd be nice and get me a back up dress. Least to say I now have an over sized, UGLY, quinceanera dress in my closet that some pushy sales lady talked her into buying. I talked to my mom about it and we agreed to return the dress and get her a really nice mother of the bride dress. Unfortunately store did the whole disappearing act so now my mom feels bad.

Yep that's about it.

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Re: I just need to vent. WR

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    1) Did you send out STDs? Hopefully you did and hopefully your family members had already planned to attend your wedding and your FI's cousin's wedding won't affect people coming. 

    2) This really sucks. Are you doing a room block at a hotel for your guests?  

    3) Whoa. She just went and did this on her own? What on earth would you need a "backup dress" for?

  • @rdr716
    1) Yes we sent out STDs three or four months ago since FI's family is mostly is South Dakota and our wedding is in Colorado. So it's a half DW.

    2) Yes, we reserved the block of rooms at a different hotel so they're safe.

    3) It's my mom. Sometimes she just makes spontaneous decisions while shopping then thinks of a reason for buying it afterwards. I've got no idea what I'd do with it. It's like a prom dress gone all sorts of wrong.
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  • Aww, hugs. All of that sounds super-frustrating. I don't have any grand advice, but I hope that a lot of loved ones will still make it to your wedding, that you find another fabulous place to stay, and that the dress store won't be MIA much longer so that can be resolved.
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    Can you just stay at the hotel you have the room block at?

  • rdr- We could but knowing FI's brothers and our friends that would be just asking to get pranked.

    amapola- I hope so. I don't know any place that would buy a dress like that.
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    1) That was a crappy thing of your FI's cousin to do, especially if she knew it would cause a strain on guests who are on both guest lists. But maybe some of your FI's family will surprise you and choose to spend their limited funds/time off to attend your wedding. Just because theirs will be earlier doesn't mean everyone will choose to attend.

    2) That does suck. I can understand what they did from a business standpoint but at the same time I'd definitely leave a review online telling other brides what happened to you.

    3) Definitely try to sell the dress. You may not like it but someone else probably will.

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  • My goodness, I'm so sorry ... about all of it. That is just messed up what your FI's cousin did. Really, a week before your wedding? That's not a mix up, that was planned. 

    And all I can say about your hotel room for the night of is, maybe it wasn't meant to be? Maybe you will find somewhere even better and have an awesome time. 
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  • Oh Lily, I'm sorry you're having all this unnecessary pre-wedding stress. I agree with puzzle...there is no way that decision wasn't calculated on your FI's cousin's part. I'm sure most of the family will see through her selfishness...whichever wedding they decide to attend. You are the bigger person for taking it in stride and still being happy for her.

    Bummer about the hotel. It could be worse - when I first read your post I thought your VENUE had canceled on you...not just your wedding night room. I was all ready to get the name and number and go there in person today to raise some hell on your behalf! Seriously though there are some wonderful places in CO to stay. I don't know if you want some help finding another place, but if you do let me know. I'd be happy to help!

    oh - and maybe try posting the dress on Craigslist? You never might get some hits. Otherwise you could donate it to charity. I'm sure there are other organizations, but this may be an option for you. Or if you sell it somewhere you could say x% of the proceeds are going to a charity of your choice. That might help both you and your mom feel better about the unused purchase.

  • I don't know why she planned their wedding so close. I mean, she seemed like a nice girl but I've only talked to her once. I hope your right Liv!

    @allusive Oh my! I would NOT be calm if our venue canceled! Makes me thankful it was just the wedding night hotel! lol Any suggestions would be great. All the places I've called have been booked because it's a holiday weekend. As far as the dress goes, I've listed it on craigslist and also called around but so far no luck.
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  • Hey Lily! This is a bridal consignment shop in Denver that will give you a % if and when the dress sells. (actually where I purchased my dress) The 2nd place is also a 2nd-hand dress shop, but I don't know if their dresses are consignment or donated. (This is where I purchased my earrings!)

    Also, if you PM me the location of your wedding, I can give you some hotel references!

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