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2 months!

Happy 2 month mark July 20th brides!  I am so very excited!  I have been slacking in the planning dept a little and it is time to get in full wedding mode.  
This weekend we are ordering the grooms cake.  I also am going to shop for my shower dresses this weekend.  I am finalizing our candy buffet this week as well. 

What are your plans for the week? 
Happy planning!

Re: 2 months!

  • Woo-hoo!  I'm the 19th, but we're still pretty much the same group!

    Our invites are all set to go and getting mailed this afternoon!  I'll be so happy once those are done!


  • Im 60 days away too. Invites in the mail. Huge relief, found my hairstylist and makeup girl this weekend. Been having dreams or some nightmares. Is this happening to anyone? Next up shop for engagement party/couples shower and honeymoon trip. I couldve used that big powerball but oh well. Also dress should be in any day cant wait to see it again. Happy 2 months
  • Way to go getting the invites out!  That was a huge relief for me.  I have not had any nightmares yet.  Have fun planning your honeymoon!  
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    Got my invites out last week (have gotten a lot back really quickly, which is exciting), and had my first dress fitting on saturday.. this is really happening!  Our next to-dos are picking songs for the reception and finishing ceremony programs.  My shower is next saturday, so I am getting very excited for that!
  • Way to go!!  We have to do our songs as well.  I have no idea what songs to do for the ceremony :(  I hope you have a great time at your shower!
  • Wahoo! I can't believe we're at the two month mark! After a bunch of drama with my calligrapher I wasn't able to get my invitations out last week as I had hoped, but they'll be ready to go out this week so I'll probably take them to the post office on Friday since I don't have work :-). Hoping order our wedding bands this month and apply for our marriage license. And then once we start receiving RSVPs I can finally start making placecards!
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  • I'm July 19th. Most of the invites we're sent out last week besides those I still don't have addresses for (friends of MIL). We've started getting back RSVPs, and over half with no names, glad i decided to number them. Today I'm meeting with the caterer to finalize the dinner menu. I'm also on the lookout for my shower dress, which will be June 8th. Last Friday my FI and I officially paid off our honeymoon!!! We're going to Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 7 days. Our next biggest tasks are working on our "fun" first dance and deciding on ceremony music and reception play/do not play lists. Time is flying by and I'm excited!!
  • ahhh I am freaking out! I feel like there is so much to so in so little time. FI is a bit of a procrastinator but really wants to be involved. My inner control freak is about to flip out hahaha
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