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Make up being used??

Hello everyone im new to this so bear with!
im getting married on 10/5/13 and i was wondering what makeup any of you gals might be using on your big day? im not going to have anyone professional do my make up so ill be doing it myself so didnt know if any of you have any suggestions??? my fiancee is not a huge fan of dark lipstick either.

Re: Make up being used??

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  • Go to a MAC counter and they can help you with what to use. Their make up is great for wedding day make up because it lasts for hours and looks great for pictures. If you spend $50 at MAC, they will do your make up for free. This may be a good way for you to have them do it as a "trial" and they can show you how to apply the make up for your big day. Or, you can go to a MAC store on your wedding day and spend $50 worth of make up and get it done for free on the actual day.

    Some must haves in my opinion are bronzer, false lashes, a highlighter powder for above your cheekbones, primer so your make up stays on, and a setting spray to make the make up last for hours! 
  • let me know what you find out!
  • I think i might try that a trail to see what products work out with my skin like tones.. i want to trail different hairstyles too.. are you getting married in october??
  • Welcome to the boards!

    Going to a makeup counter is a really good suggestion. That way you can see what looks good on you and test it out. I was also going to suggest Mac (although I have never been) but I do know they have a $50 purchase fee (as mentioned). There might be other brands that either don't have a fee or it is less (I use Bobbi Brown often, and honestly, I don't remember if there is a cost/purchase fee.) Go to a local department store and walk around, asking from counter to counter.

    I will be doing my own makeup as well, since I normally wear makeup often and am comfortable doing it. You should practice over the next few months as well - by the time October comes around, you will be very comfortable and know what you like and dislike.   

    Also, as you practice, take pictures and see how you look in those as well.
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  • Hey Emmy, have you done an intro post & I just missed it (per usual)? :) Welcome, btw!

    I recently discovered Smashbox at Ulta. Although it is a little more expensive, I've had the same tube of BB cream since like, mid-January and I don't think I'll need to buy another until about June. Their blush & eye shadow is also very good. I bought it for my e-pics when I was still planning on my sister doing my makeup for me, to do a test run. (She has since decided she doesn't want to do it, so I'm going to get it done at the salon where I'm getting my hair done.)
  • I use bare minerals for my coverup, foundation and bronzer. For eyes I will be going to the MAC counter like suggested and have them play around with different colors. I contemplated my Urban Decay Naked palette, but have since decided against it.


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    Emmy1313 said:
    are you getting married in october??

    We're all getting married in October. This is the October 2013 board.

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  • no i m not very good at all this so ive only commented and posted a few things.. so bear with but thank you soo muchf for all your advice!
  • Im testing two brands and Ive noticed if you buy directly from there sites you get freebees too! Who doesnt love free!

    Smashbox has amazing blendable colors.
    Urban decay has a smashing setting sprey for your whole face. the shadows dont blend as well but last longer.

    Im still torn which I will be actually using tho.
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