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My FI and I have our bridal party basically set. We know who the MoH and Bridesmaids are and who the Best Man and Groomsmen are. My nephew is the ring bearer and one of his nieces is the flower girl (They will be the same age). The issue I am having is I feel the sister of the flower girl may feel left out. Why? Because her sister is the flower girl, her mom is a bridesmaid and her dad is a groomsman. She currently does not have a position. Any ideas on what we could do to involve her? 

Re: Little girl left out

  • How old is she? Can she also be a flowergirl?
  • If you are doing bubbles or something else of the sort at the end, maybe she can hand them out. Or hand out programs if you are doing those.

  • I'd just make her a flower girl if she's old enough. If she's old enough to hand out programs or something, she's old enough to be a flower girl.
  • I don't know how you can involve her without asking her to be another flower girl. There isn't anything that can involve a child other than that. Could she walk down w/ the flower girl & ring bearer, in front of them, "leading" the way and give her a small bouquet v. a flower girl basket? However, I wouldn't worry too much that her feelings will be hurt or that she'll feel left out. Kids are resilient :)
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    I was thinking of making her a flower girl or having her hold my bouquet when saying the vows. I know kids are resilient but she is one where being left out may effect her more than another child.
  • Holding your bouquet is not really an honor. Go with flowergirl and let her walk with her sister. Twice the cute!
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    How old is she? I agree with PPs about making her a flower girl if she is young enough.

  • If she is old enough to walk down the aisle, I would probably make her a flower girl. I agree that if her entire family is involved except her, she would likely feel left out and would have no one to supervise her during the ceremony, etc.

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    If she's 3 to 7 years old, why couldn't she be another flower girl?
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    I've been to weddings with three flower girls, so it's definitely not weird if you have more than one. I mean, 3 feels like a lot, so I wouldn't have a LOT of them, but you're not restricted to one flower girl.
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  • Erikan73 said:

    If you are doing bubbles or something else of the sort at the end, maybe she can hand them out. Or hand out programs if you are doing those.

    No, no, no. This a job, not an honor. People know how to take programs themselves. My brother was a groomsmen and I was at the guestbook and at 9 years old, I knew it was stupid. 

  • It depends on her age.
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