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Hi, I am new!

Screen name: teacherjodee
Age: 28
Significant other's age: 26
What you do: I've taught 1st grade for seven years and I'll be teaching kindergarten next year.
What SO does: Physical Therapist
State of Relationship: living together, not officially engaged but the wedding is planned. Second marriage for both of us.
How long have you been together: 9 months
How you met: Match.com
Wedding date: October 6,2013
Real babies: my 3 year old daughter. SO will adopt her after the wedding.
Fur babies: none
Loves: pink, Dallas Cowboys, Apple products, Mexican food
Hates: crowds, waiting, tomatoes
Pet Peeves: inefficentcy
Hobbies: computer games (second life), hiking, traveling, craft projects for my classroom.
Favorite thing about SO: responsibility. He follows through on his word no matter what.
Least favorite thing about SO: he is a heavy breather.
Describe your personality: I'm pretty shy and that comes off as stuck up even now. People who get to know me say I'm sarcastic, funny and kind.
Snark level: a 4?
I've been on TK since: 2005 for my previous marriage and since Monday this time around when we finally decided on a wedding date.
How I came to be on TK: I came here to plan my first wedding.
How I like my potatoes: twice baked!
Favorite book/author: "Oh, the places you'll go!" By Dr. Seuss
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I'm 4'11
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Re: Hi, I am new!

  • Welcome to the board!! :) How's your planning going?
  • I've only been planning since Monday, but so far so good. We are getting married in Las Vegas. I contacted Treasure Island and hopefully they get back to me soon! We have the days taken off of work and my dress but that's it so far.
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  • Welcome Teacher!!!

    I love your favorite book choice.
  • Welcome to the boards! Happy Planning!

    And although not "officially engaged," I'm going to say that you are engaged, since you are planning the wedding! You might not have a ring or a formal proposal, but the intention for two people to get married where the both agree counts as being engaged! All the other stuff is just extra!
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