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Female Officiant?

Hello ladies (and gentlehearts) - I've been told by one side of the family that getting married by a woman is not acceptable. And the other side is all for it. Has anyone else had this issue pop up or have any thoughts on it?
Interestingly, NaniLoa

Re: Female Officiant?

  • While we happen to have a male officiant, I think it's ridiculous and seriously offensive for anyone to say that having a woman officiant is unacceptable! What is their reasoning?

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  • Yeah, ours just happens to be a man because he's the pastor of the church I grew up in. I actually wish the female pastor that lead youth group when I was in HS was still at our church so she could marry us, but she has since moved elsewhere to be the lead pastor of another church. I know many christian denominations (Catholic, Lutheran, etc.) don't allow/believe in female clergy, so that may be where the thought is coming from?

  • it all depends on your religion! not your family's religion, but yours and your beliefs! pick what you want! saying a woman can't marry you just because she's a woman is very sexist! our officiant is a female and she's the sweetest person and has spent so much time and effort in to making our ceremony exactly how we want it!
    but, it could be for religious reasons! and that i understand! but don't let family dictate the type of ceremony you want! go with your beliefs!
  • Our officiant is female and is amazing. She does all sorts of ceremonies for different faiths and beliefs; ours just happens to be secular because we don't practice any type of religion.
  • We fell in love with our officiant, who happens to me male....but had it been a female, it totally wouldn't have mattered to us!! Is it older relatives who are giving you a hard time about it? Sometimes the older adults have a hard time with more modern weddings....I see no problem with a female officiant!!!!

  • I agree that it is probably to do with religious beliefs.  I say if you like her to go with her.  You want someone who will follow your wishes and who you both are comfortable with.  You will not make everyone happy, but you should strive to make the two of you happy on your wedding day :)
  • Out is female. She was over the religious life programs at my university and knows a lot about my fiancée and I. I think it's ridiculous to think a woman can marry you.
  • You all are wonderful - thank you so much for the feedback! I'm not quite sure what the reasoning was - but wanted to see what the thought was because I didn't quite understand why that would be an issue...
    Interestingly, NaniLoa
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