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mini-rant.. guests.

So, I know a wedding invitation isn't a summons and just because you send someone an invitation doens't mean they will attend. I get it, really. But, when your extended family decides to fly across the county for your destination wedding, and then says they aren't going to the wedding, I think I get to be annoyed. Even if just for a moment.

We have opted not to invite kids to our wedding. FI and I don't have any kids, probably won't have any kids, and don't generally care to be around a lot of them that we don't know, even though we are related.  I told people that what they do on their vacation is up to them, so if they wanted to bring other guests who would not be attending the wedding, I had no problem with it. I didn't really think people would extend that to children. It's now come to my attention that a number of my cousins are bringing their children, and my aunts and uncles aren't going to attend the wedding or reception so that they can watch the kids. I'm hurt by this. Family are skipping our wedding for their own family vacation on the same island.

I'll suck it up, and get over it. Again, people can do as they wish and an invite doesn't mean they have to go. But, I'm allowed to be a little bummed, right?

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Re: mini-rant.. guests.

  • I'd be pissed for sure. If they were bringing kids and figured out what to do with them that didn't require other family members to skip the wedding I think it would be fine. But to come all that way and then skip the whole reason you are going there? That is weird. Hugs!
  • I'd be mad, too. Did these relatives already RSVP yes?? I hope you haven't already given your final count to the caterer. 
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  • That's really crappy of them to do. Sorry you have to stress about this. You think this is their way of getting you to change your mind about the kids going to the wedding?
  • You are right to be annoyed. Is there any way that they can work something out where all the kids are together and they can work out a rotation? A wedding is whole day event, and there is no reason that they have to miss out on all of it!

    Not to tell you how to run your big day, but you could consider allowing kids at the wedding, and not the reception. That way everyone can see you get married, and how they work it out after is up to them.
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