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I would really like to do wedding pie instead of cake. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place somewhere in or around Milwaukee that would make individual pies for my wedding. I've found a few places in Madison that will do it, but they wont deliver to Milwaukee. Any ideas?

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  • Did you ask Honeypie Cafe in Bayview?
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    Did you try a grocery store? Smaller bakeries just might not have the time or equipment to do individual pies.
  • Thanks. Honeypie actually can't do larger orders because they are so small...
  • You could try Costco if you or someone you know has a membership.  We always use their bakery for cakes and they turn out fantastic and pretty cheap!

  • Does it need to be a small bakery? You could check with Baker's Square. Or what about the Elegant Farmer? I know their apple pies are delicious - not sure what other options they have though.
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