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Hi everyone!. Im newly engaged ( almost a month) still feels like a dream =) Can you anyone recommend any good venues in central/north NJ? Decent pricedif possible. Thanks so much!

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  • It would be helpful if you specified what a "decent" price is. $100 pp including tax and tip? $200pp including tax and tip? Also, what time of year and how many people? What type of venue? What areas of central NJ? I'm in Middlesex county so I consider here, Monmouth, Somerset, Union to be central but others may include more areas.
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  • Thanks, "decent" price meaning under $130 pp including tax & tip. Thinking fall 2014, either September or October around 120-140 people. Same areas you listed for central nj. Im in somerset county. Sorry I'm new to planning everything lol. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated =)
  • The Palace and the Imperia are both near you. Addison Park would be in your range depending on the day of the week and menu you choose.
    Other places:
    Battleground Country Club in Manalapan
    South Gate Manor in Freehold
    Buttonwood Manor
    Grand Marquis
    A place in East Brunswick but I forget the name (something on the lake)
    Merri makers at PNC arts center in Holmdel
    Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury
    Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank

    There are places in Edison also but I dont like them at all :
    Pines Manor
    Rosewood Manor

    I think there is Bridgewater Manor which shouldnt be far from you right off of 287

    Maybe Dolce at Basking Ridge but Im not sure how far that is from you

    Some of these places I dont like at all but you may.
    I did like The Palace but I chose a hall in north NJ bc I work up there, used to live up there, and felt the halls up there were nicer in general.
    I also liked Addison Park but everyone from my town gets married there bc it is in my town. LOL

    Good Luck! Let us know where you decide!
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  • I forgot to tell you: use your negotiating skills!

    September is pRIME wedding season here in Nj. $130 pp means you need to be around $100 pp before tax and tip so you need to negotiate for sure.
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