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What are some ideas for gifts to give our parents for the wedding? I don't want to get them something thoughtless and cheap. They are paying for everything so I feel we should really show our appreciation by getting them something nice. Ideas? 

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  • I am giving both sets of parents - my parents and my in-laws a photo album with a silver photo frame on front with our names and wedding date engraved. The album includes room for 100 photos and its from  Then inside I am filling it with various photos from the day we got engaged, our engagement party, bachelorette/bridal shower and wedding days. We've had a small ceremony already where we live with just friends so our parents weren't there. The second one will have the parents and all family there - it's a destination wedding in Hawaii. I am leaving room for photos to be included for our Hawaii wedding day which I will reprint and send to them later. Both sets of parents live away so for us this is a special way for them to have memories of our special days and tells a story from our engagement to the wedding day.
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    We got two 8x10 frames from a Lenox online sale.  We're going to put a picture of us with our parents from the engagement party in each.  After the wedding we're planning to make albums for our parents from shutterfly or a similar site with wedding pictures.

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    I am with Retread.  I had no idea that people gave gifts to their parents.  I just thanked them profusely over and over again with lots of hugs and kisses.

    I did make our parents small albums but they were one of their Christmas presents.

  • We'll probably give our parents photo albums or framed photos of our wedding day for Christmas. Our gifts to our parents was letting them have 80% of the guest list without disowning them.

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