Becoming ordainded

Does anyone have any information on how a friend of mine can become ordanied to preform our wedding in April? I have looked online but have not had much luck. 


Re: Becoming ordainded

  • I found this link here to become ordained online for free and it gives links to state laws, etc.

    You also may want to read this blog post that explains why professionals might be a choice to consider as well. The chaplain who wrote this will not only officiate at your wedding but will also interview you and write a beautiful love story based on your life together and present it at your wedding. I just saw him do it at a wedding a few weeks ago where he only had a few days to prepare and yet there wasn't a dry eye in the congregation.

    Good luck whatever you choose!!

  • You can get ordained but we hired someone. It aws only like $100. And then we didn't have to worry about the paperwork or anything fancy that we might miss.


  • When we got married it was a family friend who officiated, they were ordained online.  but the funny thing was that when we got our marriage license from the courthouse or wherever it is, I asked them how they knew that the person was legit that married us, and they said 'we don't but if you believe it then we believe it'!  lol
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