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Sample Size Worries

I am going wedding dress shopping for the first time. I know that Alfred Angelo carries sample sizes of size 22, but I am a size 20 normally, so I don't think those will fit me. 

I am really apprehensive I wont be able to try anything on. Any thoughts?

Re: Sample Size Worries

  • I'm about a size 18 and I was nervous about trying stuff on too. I don't know if alfred angelo samples are higher sized or not but i went to a local bridal store and theirs were sized 12-14. Most of the dresses we were able to fit on (not closing in the back of course) but enough to get an idea. The bridal consultants know how to get girls into the dresses and you should be able to at least get an idea of what the dress will look like. There was one dress I really wanted to try on that i wasn't able to because it had a back on it that has no wiggle room. That was my only upset of the day. Basically even if you're in the plus size they find ways to get you into the smaller dresses so you can get general ideas. Hope this helps!

  • That does help! They carry sample sizes up to a size 22, so I think I am only off by one size. I was having nightmares that I wouldn't be allowed to try them on and that it would be a horrible experience! Thank you!
  • any salon that specializes in plus will have gowns for you to try on in various sizes just call up some places and ask what the higgest sample size is or do you specialize in plus
  • If you are a street size 20, your wedding dress will likely be anywhere from an 18, up to a 26.  Bridal gown sizing runs very different than street clothes.  Some salons, including alfred angelo will have samples up to a 26-28.    But, even if they have an 18, you will still be able to likely try it on, and just use clips to hold it closed so you can see how the dress looks/feels.  Same thing if you try on a dress that is too large. They will close it, and then use clips to tighten it up. 


  • Out of all the lines of wedding dresses out there, I would say Alfred Angelo runs pretty close to street size compared to other designers. I was a size 18 when I was trying on dresses and I was able to fit into every single sample I wanted to try on at AA. Some of the other salons it was a bit more of a challenge, but out of the 5 different salons I went to, I was able to try on 90% of the dresses I was interested in.
  • also Mori Lee and quite a few other designers do have some samples over an 18. I actually found mine off the rack... street size i wear like an 18-20 and the sample i think says 24. Don't be discouraged! Those bridal ladies know what will work even in smaller sizes sometimes using clips or just partially lacing the corset and then if you pick that one it would fit your measurements better!!! Good luck and post pics when you find the one!
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