September 2013 Brides

Hi Ladies, 

I know there is a post for September Brides in the main feed but I though I would get one starting in the Canada feed.

It would be great to get to know some of the other ladies getting married in our Month!

I'll start.
Date: September 28, 2013
Location: Ottawa Ontario
# of Guests: 140-150
Theme: Purple & Grey - Traditional Elegance
Budget: $25 000
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Re: September 2013 Brides

  • I'm in June, but just wanted to say congratulations! I am in Ottawa too :)

  • Sept 21 and I can't wait!
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  • Wow I was so excited to post, I hit post before I was finished.
    Theme: Purple (we bought Lapis at DB but can find nothing to match so just any purple)
    Location: Las Vegas for the fun part Calgary for the legal part
    Budget: $10,000

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    YAY! Welcome!!!

    I agree we are looking at DB as well and their purple selection sucks!

    Three of my girls are going to be in Mercury with my MOH in Purple. Not only have I found it difficult to find a dress in both those colours, I have found the Purples suck. Lapis is likely the colour we're going for but I found it like a bluey purple. Plum would be my next choice but their plum is almost too burgandy.

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  • THANKS!!!

    The issue we've had is finding anything that matches the lapis from DB. I even brought my sash with me to Michael's for ribbon matching and paper with NO dice. It's been very frustrating. We've decided to just have a mix of purple since nothing perfectly matches the DB lapis. 
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  • I actually just made an appointment to visit a different bridal shop for my BM's. I'm not sold on the Lapis, and well i stil have time so I'm not ready to settle!
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  • Hi all :)
    Sept 28 in Montreal!
  • Oh Montreal will look beautiful Sept 28. 
    My FI's BFF was married Sept 29 and even though it was dark and rainy out the pictures are still so nice with the colour changing leaves. 
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:46Discussion:91311c57-f37a-4ce8-ad13-ce6f397356a1Post:d41c79fd-3c36-4c82-8226-b766f4db4948">September 2013 Brides</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hi Ladies,  I know there is a post for September Brides in the main feed but I though I would get one starting in the Canada feed. It would be great to get to know some of the other ladies getting married in our Month! I'll start. Date: September 28, 2013 Location: Ottawa Ontario # of Guests : 140-150 Theme:  Purple & Grey - Traditional Elegance Budget: $25 000
    Posted by ftrmrsweatherdon[/QUOTE]

    Date: September 20, 2013

    Location: Newcastle, ON

    Guests: 75-90

    Theme: fall leaves, red and yellow

    10 months today!!


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  • Oh God I hope it doesn't rain on my wedding day! I'd love to havepictures done in the Old Port and I'd be so sad if I couldn't!
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    Hey, September 7, 2013!  In Saskatoon, SK.  Can't wait.  Super romantic, lots of garden roses and pearls.  Our budget is $20,000.  Have 4 bridesmaids in beautiful black Sophia Tolli dresses and will have monochromatic flowers, variations of white.  120 guests for the dinner and more for ceremony and shenanigans after dinner ;) (our reception venue is a quaint 100 year old building). 
  • Date: May 24th, 2014
    Location: Ottawa Ontario
    # of Guests: 16 for ceremony, up to 60 for reception
    Theme: Nature, Rustic, Romantic and Intimate
    Budget: $7000
  • Date: September 22, 2013
    Location: Winnipeg Manitoba
    # of Guests: 90-120
    Theme: Light grey, light soft blue, ivory- Vintage theme
    Budget: $6500

    Lizeepea, my first wedding had only 50 guests, and it was amazing! So tight knit and also a great way to save money for a modest budget. You won't regret it!
  • Date: sept 1, 2013
    Location: Uxbridge, ON
    # of Guests: 150
    Theme: Picnic, sky blue, yellow, white
    Budget: $10,000

    I'm looking for some inexpensive decorating ideas for a backyard wedding! 
  • Date : September 7, 2013
    Location: Ottawa, ON at the family farm
    # of Guests: 60-80
    Theme: Victorian Lush Garden Party (mostly white with hints of dark blue and yellow)
    Budget: $12000 

  • We're September 21st as well in Belleville for the ceremoney and Brighton for the reception.  How on earth are you ladies doing a wedding for under $30,000.  I'm making all decor myself, not having a cake, and my dress was 1,300 with taxes and i'm still at $35000.  Any tips would be helpful.
  • Hey Deirdre.

    We managed to find a venue that charged a reasonable amount per plate.  Hotels here are a minimum of $40 a plate so those were out right away to stick to our budget.  We're ordering cut flowers from Costco and what we can't get there we're ordering from a florist and the day before the wedding all of us women are getting together to make the bouquets, boutonieres, corsages, and centerpieces.  As well, we're using a lot of big blooms like hydrangeas and garden roses so we don't need nearly as many - going save a LOT of coin doing this.  Also, our ceremony site is free, it's happening in a park.  And I made our invitations instead of ordering them.  This has all really helped stay within the $20,000.  How some of the ladies above are doing there's for under $10,000 is amazing!!!
  • Date: September 21, 2013
    Location: Winnipeg, MB
    # of Guests: 120-140
    Colours: Purple and green
    Budget: $17,500
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  • Date: September 15, 2013
    Location: Victoria, BC
    # of Guests: 100
    Colours: Green, raspberry
    Budget: $1200
  • Date: September 7, 2013
    Location: Harrow, Ontario (Winery on Lake Erie) 
    # of Guests 125 - 135
    Color: It's actually a print/theme - but the colors would be shades of blueish green and ivory.  I'm going to do the flowers in lime greens, purples, blues and more vibrant than the clothing for a brighter pop of color. 
    Budget: 25,000
  • Date: September 7, 2013
    Location: Las Vegas (I'm from Montreal)
    # of Guests: 20-25
    Colours: The colors of Vegas :P
    Budget: $5,000
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