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NWR: Tanning

I'm a tanning novice and need some help.  Are the tanning beds at one place pretty much the same as the next?  If no, what am I looking for and where do you recommend?  If yes, where is an inexpensive place that I can go?  I live in West Toledo and work in Holland... so anywhere in either of those areas or in between would be most convenient.

Also, I know some places have booths instead of the beds.  Are these better/worse?

Oh, and I am looking for a real tan, not a spray tan.  I want to slowly build up some color over the next couple months in order to reduce the chance of getting burned on vacay.
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Re: NWR: Tanning

  • akirkenakirken member
    edited December 2011
    Um Im not entirely sure on this but I think booths are stronger than beds. Ive tried both and I think beds are more relaxing. There is a tanpro in Holland in spring meadows and I think they are reasonably priced. Hope that helps!
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    electrik beach has probably given me the best color and service. You really need a good lotion so invest in something with a bronzer. Theres no truth to beds being better or worse than booths. each has all different levels but the higher level equals higher price. the advantage to being in a booth is you can lift your arms up so your armpits arent completely white, and you wont have any weird marks from laying in a strange way( I always get one from the way my shoulder blade sits) I also hate standing for 20 mins I get tired and bored. If you are going to tan gradually try both and see which you like better. Some places give you an introductory package and allow you to try all their beds/booths.  If you need lotion suggestions let me know
  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    I'm a germaphobe so I prefer the stand up one's.  I know there is one somewhere by Sylvania that I went to when I lived in Sylvania.  But I'm not much help because I haven't lived there in 4 years. :(  I think it was next to Major Magic's

    I'm super pale, so I usually go for like 6 minutes then work my way up to 7, 8, ... never gone more than 10.

    And this reminds me that I should at least hit the tanning booth a couple times before my cruise. :)

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    I agree with beds being more relaxing.  I go to aloha in p-burg so I won't be much help.

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    Sungoddess is next to major magic's there is also an aloha on mccord and central( I wont go there because they messed up my package.) They do clean all the beds so dont be too worried about germs(although I understand why you would not like it)
  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the help ladies!
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